Another Fun Fucking First!

So…we all remember high school, no privacy, no place to go…and raging teenage hormones! I had plenty of fun in my car back in the day, but I was a late bloomer when it actually came to having sex. I was always told to wait until you were “in love”. ¬†So, I ended up waiting until after I was out of high school to pop that particular cherry. And ever since then, I always had a room to go to, so never found the need to engage in auto-coitus ;). Baby Doll and I always joked that the seats in the van folded down, so we should take it out some night and have some fun. Well, that never happened…

Now that the temperatures have fallen, and it is actually nice out at night, I brought it back up. I suggested we take one of my cars, both hatch backs with fold down back seats! ūüėČ We waited until it was good and dark, and then went up to the hills where there are very few street lights, or traffic, but still a great view of the valley. ¬†We drove around and found a quiet street that was just a connector, no drive ways on it. We settled in… we took our time, played and finally got down to it! Baby Doll has a thing for having her skirt hiked up and fucked hard with clothes still on…as if to say “I want you so bad I can’t even get these damn clothes off!” I obliged…at one point we realized that we were totally rocking the whole car! Then right at the moment of climax and jeep rolled by…haha… but they kept right on going. Baby Doll ducked her head down, but of course they knew we were there as we had left the hatch back open for some fresh air and a view!

Evaluation…FUN!, but uncomfortable. It’s a thrill to be out in “nature”, but also have the possibility of being caught. We will definitely have to do it again…hopefully with something a little more comfortable¬†and perhaps even more isolated. I definitely enjoy being out under the stars…I would love to just throw some blankets in the bed of a pick-up truck and head out for an evening romp!

Good times!

15 Days!

I am over the top excited to be marrying Master! I’m totally giddy like a little school girl!

I went with my mother last night to find a dress. We went to the mall and just started looking. It wasn’t looking too positive for a while there. I certainly am NOT wearing white. I didn’t at the first one because I was pregnant and I will not this time with our five kids all in attendance. We finally found a dress after Master showed up from doing a little shopping Himself. We’re going with a red theme, sort of. My mom has decided the kids will all wear some sort of combination or red and white (if she’s buying all the outfits, go ahead!). My dress ended up being a burgundy with a black lacy trim. Master will wear a new shirt He actually got for the interview earlier this month. Shiny, metallic grey and we still have to find Him a red tie. He found shoes He loved, I have to agree, they are beautiful! I got a cute pair of boots to go with the dress (yes I have a little bit of my own look, “in” styles mean nothing to me).

The rings are ordered. We found these rings both Master and I fell in love with on Etsy, they’re custom made, each one different. They’re wire-wrapped rings, the thought behind them, “Like two souls that intertwine‚Ķ This ring exploits the true definition of ‚Äúone-of-a-kind‚ÄĚ. From first glance, to the moment it reaches your finger, this ring will symbolize the eternal bond of two soul mates”


It’s AOAjewelry on Etsy, she makes more than just rings, I love her stuff. They should be here next week.

I went to the DMV this morning, not sure if my DL will be here before we get the license but we don’t need it, this state will accept my birth certificate and debit card as proof of age and identity. So everything is starting to come together. We will be getting married at Master’s dad’s house. His dad and stepmom were gracious enough to open up their house to us for this wonderful occasion. The kids are ours that weekend so it worked out just perfectly.

It’s all starting to come together. Except the vows. We’ll be writing our own, oh goodness!¬† The pressure!

15 days….I’m starting to get some butterflies. I have a little bit of a hard time being up in front of people but I think being there with Papa will calm me, I hope. And this is a little crazy.¬†Three weeks after the divorces were final, Master and I will be married! Papa says my eyes turn more green when I’m excited and they were green last night while we were out at the mall. I can’t stop smiling!

::sigh::….the DB’s….Master and I decided to give them the heads up that we are getting married so that they don’t feel ambushed by it when the kids go back after that weekend with us and tell them they were there at our wedding. I didn’t want to at first. I’m afraid of the shitty things they might say but at the end of the day, they’re just words. Red & Stripe (oh yes, her name is Stripe now….think of Gremlins and you’ll get it, she’s as friendly as Stripe was) hold no power over us. The words might sting a little but we can choose to let it go and not let it affect us as much as possible. So I agreed with Master, we’ll tell them tomorrow and see what kind of blow back there is, if any.

Back to the happy stuff! This weekend is Halloween and we get to take the kids trick or treating. Nana and Jets will join us, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! Which also reminds me, I have to work on my oldest’s costume. She’s going to be a zombie, we have¬†her make up ready to go but I have to rip up some old clothes, stain them with blood¬†and make them look old and dirty. Sounds simple but it’s still a bit of work.

th     thS6GKCBR6


Sometime last week, the Unicorn and I were talking. She was telling me about her “friend” and the current drama surrounding that. I brought up the last time we had scheduled a play date with Master and¬†me,¬†how it made us feel that it never panned out and why. Unicorn ended up apologizing, revealing to me why she has been so hesitant in joining couples as of late.

Last year, she was involved with a couple and it turned into a fiasco. He was into her, the wife got jealous, they had a bad marriage to begin with, he left her and the woman was keeping Unicorn close so she could whine about how the husband had left her and how horrible she was feeling. It was all drama. In the world of playing and swinging, drama is frowned on. At least involving your fwb in it. Keep your drama to between you and/or your partner. Or like Unicorn, have a friend who understands and will talk at length with you about it and try to help sort it out (I’m one of those so I knew all about the couple from the start). At the end of the conversation she said she was sorry we felt the way we did and didn’t mean to do it. I accepted her apology and said something along the lines, “if you ever get over your anti-couples phase, maybe you’ll think about joining us again”. She was flattered that I brought it up again and said she would actually really like that.

This past weekend, we were without kids and made a day of it on Saturday. Since we are moving next year and it’s FINALLY cool outside, we decided to start doing some of things we won’t be able to do upon leaving the west coast. As early evening approached, we ended up at Master’s favorite bar. They have amazing drinks that don’t even taste like you’re drinking, they go down way too smooth and are actually somewhat strong. I posted on FB where we were and Unicorn just happened to like it. Coincidentally, I was finishing up my second drink that¬†is¬†called “Unicorn”. Being flirty and obnoxious, I tagged her on my post and Master said we would buy her a “unicorn” if she joined us for a drink. She couldn’t because she was working but then I started tipsy-texting her and talking to her about joining us again. At the end of the conversation, Unicorn had agreed to coming over for a visit Monday night. I¬†was teasing Master, saying He shouldn’t let me text my fwb when I’ve had a couple of drinks. He said why would He stop me if that meant He would get His fantasy?

I know Unicorn and I trust her. Having her join us does not make me hug my demon any closer. In fact,¬†he’s sitting in the corner scowling at me because he’s getting no attention whatsoever. Monday I text her to see how she was feeling and she admitted to being nervous about coming over. I talked her down a bit, told her she had nothing to worry about, she would have fun with us and zero drama. Unicorn actually ended up coming over…

Master and I were both taken aback by how she pounced on me as soon as she was naked. I think she missed me a little bit. We all enjoyed each other immensely and I was not even the slightest bit twingy seeing her kiss Master or Him sucking on her nipples or eating her pussy. It’s been over a year since I have enjoyed a pussy with my mouth and boy, did I! I love her sweet, tight little pussy and always have. We all took turns pleasing each other with our mouths and Master fucked me for a bit. It turned out to be a very enjoyable night. Both even took a couple of turns spanking me, lightly, which was yummy.

I’m happy that I was able to fulfill Master’s fantasy, eat pussy again¬†and be comfortable with it all at the same time. I can imagine this won’t be the last¬†occurrence¬†and I’m looking forward to it.

Divorce #2

…and Master is free as well!

Our divorces are done. That chapter in our lives closed. They are not just emotionally our exes but legally as well. I drove to work this morning thinking, I’m divorced!¬†With a big goofy grin on my face. I’m free of Red, mostly. We have three children together so I will forever be tethered to him in that sense but I’m out of his circle. I no longer have to be subjected to his foul moods, his lies, his bullshit, his abuse. At least on a deeper, more personal level. The crap I’ve been dealing with so far, is manageable. Not fun but manageable.

We still have a tough nine months to get thru. Master will finish his dissertation next spring, which He will be working on now until then. The move….remains to be seen. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That’s all Master and I can do at this point. Until we know where we are going officially, we are still in a holding pattern.

But the sense of freedom….Master said there’s a bit of sadness behind the dissolution of His marriage. I can understand that, but I don’t share that feeling at all. I feel like I’ve been sitting at the bottom of the ocean or a lake, my feet found to the sandy floor somehow and the ties holding me were just cut. I’m flying towards the surface, towards the light and it’s a wonderful feeling. Leaving behind all the darkness beneath me.

We will be talking more about it tonight….but He said 11.13.15!¬† Just a tad over two weeks away. He wants to throw together a little ceremony.¬† It’s the date we’ve been wanted for months and months and now it’s a real possibility!¬† It’s an amazing date and I would love to make it a reality. Let’s see….marriage license, rings, clothes. I still have to get my ID replaced. Whew! I think we can do it. Especially since I know how organized Papa is. He will make lists. Lol.

No rest for the wicked!