Out of Order

I don’t know what I did or how exactly it happened but I injured my kitty. It’s out of commission right now. The worst part is even though it hurts, I’m still horny as hell! The pain and being uncomfortable in the nether regions certainly has not hindered my libido. I’m thankful to Master for taking care of me. Obviously it’s a little difficult to see exactly what the damage is or what it looks like without mirrors and doing strange contortionist acts to see….Master has been cleaning and medicating me. He keeps telling me if it doesn’t get better, He will make me go to a clinic or whatever. UGH! I hate doctors and this would just be mortifyingly embarrassing…..well, gee, Doc…we have sex.Ā A LOT of sex and somehow I managed to do THIS {spread legs}. NO thank you!!!

I’m hoping what we’re doing will make a big impact and it’ll be better soon. It feels slightly better today…


9 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. Get well soon! And honestly it’s not as awkward as you think when talking to a doctor, because I had to do it and I’m 18 :’D They honestly have heard a lot worst. Just keep in mind if you do end up going to see a doctor that the more honest you are, the more they are able to get you into recovery sooner šŸ™‚

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    1. I woke up this morning being a lot less uncomfortable. I can actually clean myself without wincing in pain. Still hurts but much less than it was so what I’m doing is working! Thank goodness. It seems I may have turned a corner in the right direction.


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