10 Days Too Long

I had not had Master inside me for ten days…until last night. And it wasn’t even what we were talking about doing, either. Obviously I’m feeling much better, thank goodness! Papa had also been a little sore from some over-zealous oral from me (oops) but He was feeling pretty decent as well. We talked…neither of us could really go any longer without some form of sexual activity. We both needed and wanted each other BAD so we said we’ll try some oral…gentle and light. After kids, dinner, chores, lunches, bedtime etc….I took Master by the hand and guided Him into the bedroom. He undressed and laid down, I brought out the lotion. We had talked about starting with a body rub so that’s what we did. It relaxes Him and I get to touch Him all over, tease Him a bit and feel His body respond to me.

I massaged lotion into His back and arms, leaving butterfly kisses up and down His back while my breasts glided over His back and ass. I could hear little pleasurable moans escaping from Him and that pleased me. Down His back, over His ass, thighs, legs and then back up again. Never neglecting letting Him feel my nipples rubbing on Him. I asked Master to turn around and repeated the same process. I massaged His arms and hands, rubbed His chest. He was rock hard, no surprise there. I barely touched His cock, but everywhere around it instead. I know He was aching for me to so I took just the head in my mouth, lightly, licking and flicking my tongue across the sensitive parts. Master needed me as much as I needed Him. I came up to kiss Him and as I straddled Him, His beautiful, hard, yummy cock pushed against my pussy…now how could I possibly resist that. I rubbed my aching wet pussy back against Him and…and…that was it. I reached down and placed Him inside me. I felt my soreness for a split second until He was fully inside me and then it was gone. We kissed and Master took my nipples in His mouth. I fucked Him slowly, feeling my orgasm building immediately. It didn’t take long before I came…and came hard on His cock. My body clenched and trembled and He held onto me until I relaxed and starting moving my hips again. I wanted Master to cum inside me. I got what I wanted, He came hard enough that it almost hurt. Papa described it as all the seamen trying to get out of the sub at once 🙂  love His sense of humor. We both laid back, relaxed and happy.

Part of it was the mechanical need to fuck and cum so we were not as intimate as we usually are and it certainly didn’t last like our normal nights but we are on the path back to normal. I know….10 days….get over it, right?  It’s not that long. BUT thinking over the past year or more, the longest we have gone is 5 days. Either from sickness or traveling, 5 days. I’m spoiled and yes, I am aware I’m spoiled but I have to say, I love having a Master who loves sex as much as I do. And who appreciates my love for sex as much as I appreciate His.


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