Better Days

Master is gone again…He is going on an on-campus interview, His first so far. We were both surprised a little because usually they have a Skype interview or two before they choose to fly their candidates out for in-person interviews. I’m missing Him already but so proud and hopeful for Him, I know He’ll do good, despite being nervous and anxious. Master also has a second interview with the university He really wants. Things are rolling along..

It was a rough morning for me. After dropping Papa off at the airport (before the sun was even up), I parked our car and was mugged at gun-point, just feet away from our front door. He walked up, put a pistol to my head and demanded I give him my purse. No problem there!  Take it. I had my keys and phone in my hand, he must have missed that, thank goodness. I mean, my purse has a lot of important stuff, yes but the phone keeps me connected to the world and my keys mean my freedom and my safety. He took my things and told me to keep going to my door and not to look back or he would shoot me in the head. I unlocked my door and rushed in as fast as I could. Up the stairs I went and first thing I did was call the bank to shut off my debit card (I have nothing else monetary, no credit cards or cash) and then I talked to Master. I was shaking and upset, of course, but hearing His voice immediately calmed me. He kept asking me if I’m ok, I said I was. Papa asked me if I needed Him to come home and cancel the interview. Absolutely not!! I was not assaulted or hurt. A little freaked out, sure, but I’m fine. I’m a strong woman, despite being a little and subbie. He pushed me to file a report with the police, even though I know it’s meaningless. Despite the fact that a gun was involved, there isn’t much they can do, most likely can’t even pursue it really. Just based on a description from me…He said just to protect myself and have it on record. So I did. The cops came about an hour after it happened, I told the officer everything and he also had me fill out a statement. All done.

Taking a shower alone in our condo was a little unsettling. I kept pulling the curtain aside to make sure no one was standing there. I had some gruesome images flash thru my mind. Trust me, I didn’t stay in very long. Currently, I’m debating whether I’ll stay with my parents while Papa is out of town. It’s only tonight and tomorrow night. Or I might just sleep on the couch. Ok, you might ask why sleeping on the couch would make a difference. Well, the bedrooms are in the back of the condo and from the couch I would be able to hear anyone coming because our metal screen door squeaks when it’s opened. I’m not sure yet. After my nerves are calmed down, I’ll figure out what I’m going to do.

As Master and I were talking last night, He said I need to get back to posting something every day, no matter what it is. Something. Assignment #1. And then I proposed to Papa that while He is gone, I will write up what I think my assignments and responsibilities are and we will go thru them together when He returns and make final decision. I know we have talked about this before but now we are moving forward with some action to getting back to stricter protocols and assignments and harsh punishments for missing any of them.

At least this first post is sort of interesting…

I miss you Papa!!!!!  I miss you so much! I cannot wait until you get home. I know we have a super busy weekend and the start of next week to look forward to.

I love you and good luck, my handsome Master!!!!


7 thoughts on “Better Days

  1. I already miss you Babygirl! You are such a strong person!! I can’t believe I’m not there with you right now. I just want to hold you and protect you! I love you more than anything else in this world!


    1. Thank you Papa!!! I miss you too! There was no way I was going to let you cancel your trip over this….I’m fine! Still a little unsettled but I’m sure that will fade soon enough. I love you too!!!! I cannot wait until you’re home again and I’m safe in your arms.

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  2. Oh sweet brave girl… how strong and wonderfully amazing you are. I so look forward to reading you. Be well and safe … – I am so so terribly sorry this happened to you – really and truely j am x

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