Bad Baby Doll – DD

I am a controlling person…I know it, Baby Doll knows it, hell everyone knows it. Some of it is just me, while some is the need to know.

When I was a kid, I was an only child of divorced parents. I spent a lot of time alone. My mother left when I was 4 and moved across the country. I would visit her on holidays and summer, but she still worked. I used to always have visions of her in a car accident on the side of the road if she was late! Ever since, I have always had the need to know where my immediate loved ones are all the time. I feel responsible. One of my greatest fears is that someone won’t come home, and when I file a police report I will not have any clue where to tell them to start looking.

You all know about Babygirl getting mugged outside our house last week. Combine those two insecurities and you get today. ..

Baby Doll had a work conference to go to this afternoon. She left with the promise of letting me know what was going on. I stayed home, played on my phone, chatted with friends…the next time I looked up I realized it had been well over an hour…no word… I texted…no word…

I had a horrible sinking feeling, my heart started racing, I was about in full blown panic mode. I texted again, nothing. I texted her coworker and best friend,  they were supposed to be together.  He said she hadn’t shown, a shitty joke, as 1 minute later I heard from her. Before I heard from her I tried calling him…no answer. ..i just about died…

Baby Doll immediately owns up to her mistakes and starts apologizing. heart was heard, my head and emotions crushed.  I was NOT going to let this go. I immediately turned into the hurt little boy, frustrated,  scared,  angry. If you love me you wouldn’t have forgotten. ..I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I wouldn’t answer her…

Finally,  home, she kneels and continues to apologize,  but I just couldn’t… she knew it. She takes off her clothes to be more submissive. Finally she goes and comes back with Leatherman in her teeth. .. could I do it? It was the only way.
Bent over a half wall in the living room I told her to not make a sound… she took it, took it all. I unleashed the fear, the anger, the frustration…she deserved it, I needed it, she knew and accepted it.

Her back, ass, and thighs, red and swollen, welts making there first appearances, I brought her into the bedroom where she started sobbing. We held eachother for a long time. I comforted her as I would after a session. I told her it was done, I wasn’t mad, she did the right thing asking for punishment, we both felt better.

I am so proud of her…she knew I was pissed, she knew it would be bad, but she brought me the belt, she stood there silently, unflinchingly, taking her punishment.

After it all, I reached down to touch her pussy…she was drenched. I must admit, I was rock hard…we are so accustomed to sex in our sessions. She told me she didn’t deserve my fingers pleasing her. I told her it was over, her pussy is mine, and she did deserve it. She sucked my cock and all was right with the world.

We live this life 24/7…I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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