10 Commandments

  1. You are my Master, I shall have no other Master before You.
  2. I shall not submit to anyone else but my Master, unless Master gives permission.
  3. I shall not yell or argue with Master out of anger or use His proper names in a disrespectful manner.
  4. I will keep sessions sacred by giving Master consent with a clear mind and a clear heart.
  5. I will obey Master’s rules and follow His protocols each day.
  6. I will never intentionally do anything to hurt or anger Master or my relationship with Him.
  7. I shall not give myself, physically or emotionally, to anyone else, without Master’s permission.
  8. I shall not take or give anything of Master’s without His knowledge and permission.
  9. I shall be completely honest with Master at all times.
  10. I shall not desire to have any other Master.

13 thoughts on “10 Commandments

      1. Sir, you are most kind and dear. Thank you very much. and Your darling one… she really is a darling darling girl – thank you for her x

        Liked by 1 person

      1. hallo you – only me – thank you. i have just attended a prayer meeting at my daugters school – which was good, but hard for me as it is very evangelicial… which i find hard. and one of the mothers… who is a born again christian has brought out the very worst in me…. oh dear…. so these words – your words brought me back to where i belong.

        Thank you darling girl – thank you x ( i know it sounds silly – but really , thank you )

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  1. Miss Agatha,
    It does not sound silly….I’m glad to have brought you back to this place. We all need a reminder on occasion.


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