Responsibilities to a Little

From personal experience as well as a everything I have read, littles are extremely giving, subverting their own needs, desires and fears to please their Daddys and Papas. This puts a tremendous responsibility on us (the Papas) to check their enthusiasm for pleasing and remind them to keep their hearts safe.

Recently we decided not to play with another couple, but perhaps with the mythical unicorn, if one could be found. We started looking, in fact, babygirl even initiated the search. I took this to mean that she was just as enthusiastic about this possibility as I was. We actually found a woman who sounded like a decent fit. We have always liked to chat over text or kik as a group before we meet. I knew almost immediately that something wasn’t quite right… Baby Doll is never shy about talking to people, asking people questions or talking dirty. But this time, she didn’t really have anything to say. I continued to text with the prospect…still nothing. Later in the evening, we talked… Baby Doll admitted she was willing to have this threesome for me and only a little for her. She said she would push through any discomfort for me.

I just can’t… no way… if she isn’t into it more for herself than for me, I would be able to tell. I would feel like a pimp and a scumbag… our Littles are sensitive. They give and give and sometimes give too much. It almost offended her that I wouldn’t let her do this for me. There may be some day we can do this, but not now.

Even though, in the end, it was my insistence that we not play…I could have pushed the issue and she would have done it… I was still a little bit of a jerk. I had my sights set on this playtime…but sometimes, the health, safety, security, vulnerability, and innocence of the little come first. If she wants to play, I will most likely approve, but only if she is doing it at least 80% for herself. It is my job, my pleasure, my duty, my responsibility, my truth to protect, love, and nurture my little, my babygirl. I love you little one!


3 thoughts on “Responsibilities to a Little

  1. I love you too! I’m still trying to shake the feeling of failing You. I know…I know! It’s a little less each day but still lingering. ::possessive, jealous demon snuggles up a little closer::

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