Divorce #2

…and Master is free as well!

Our divorces are done. That chapter in our lives closed. They are not just emotionally our exes but legally as well. I drove to work this morning thinking, I’m divorced! With a big goofy grin on my face. I’m free of Red, mostly. We have three children together so I will forever be tethered to him in that sense but I’m out of his circle. I no longer have to be subjected to his foul moods, his lies, his bullshit, his abuse. At least on a deeper, more personal level. The crap I’ve been dealing with so far, is manageable. Not fun but manageable.

We still have a tough nine months to get thru. Master will finish his dissertation next spring, which He will be working on now until then. The move….remains to be seen. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That’s all Master and I can do at this point. Until we know where we are going officially, we are still in a holding pattern.

But the sense of freedom….Master said there’s a bit of sadness behind the dissolution of His marriage. I can understand that, but I don’t share that feeling at all. I feel like I’ve been sitting at the bottom of the ocean or a lake, my feet found to the sandy floor somehow and the ties holding me were just cut. I’m flying towards the surface, towards the light and it’s a wonderful feeling. Leaving behind all the darkness beneath me.

We will be talking more about it tonight….but He said 11.13.15!  Just a tad over two weeks away. He wants to throw together a little ceremony.  It’s the date we’ve been wanted for months and months and now it’s a real possibility!  It’s an amazing date and I would love to make it a reality. Let’s see….marriage license, rings, clothes. I still have to get my ID replaced. Whew! I think we can do it. Especially since I know how organized Papa is. He will make lists. Lol.

No rest for the wicked!



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