Halloween weekend is over. It was a very nice weekend. Master and I took Friday off and spent two whole days with the kids.

Friday was another lovely interaction with Mr. Red the Asshole. I informed everyone (which is Master, Stripe and my parents on a group text which we use to communicate about the kids) of the progress on our twins’ speech therapy just as Master was informing them of our impending wedding plans. At that exact same time, Red escalated and started threatening to take me to court over letting our family know what’s going on with the girls. He feels it isn’t anyone’s business and that if I don’t have his permission, I cannot tell anything. I told him he can no longer control me to which he said to stop flattering myself and again, not without his permission. Isn’t that control? I told him go ahead, do what he has to do. Let’s go to court. It still shook me up a bit but not nearly as much as it used to. I know they don’t have the funds to secure an attorney and I don’t imagine many attorneys out there would file a case based on giving out information that RED doesn’t approve of unless he had the money, which he doesn’t. He saw the news about the wedding and poor little Prince Red got upset and started blowing hot air during his temper tantrum. I can imagine it stung a bit. It took him 10 years to get me to marry him and here I am running off to marry Master after 14 months… I don’t need convincing this time! Or to be pregnant, either.

We had a blast over the weekend, the kids were so much fun. We had dinner at Master’s dad’s house Friday night and then Saturday, went shopping and headed over to my mom’s to do costumes and trick or treating. All five of them were beyond excited. All in all, they behaved really well. Considering the excitement and sugar rushes. They each came home with nearly a full pumpkin. My oldest was a zombie, we painted her face and ripped up older clothes and Master did a great job on giving her wounds all over her face. I teased her hair into a nasty mess, she looked great. Master’s oldest was a My Little Pony princess, her favorite. The twins were Shopkins characters, Cupcake and Strawberry. They picked. And the youngest was Captain America. He looked adorable. All five of them were polite to each person at the door, they would chit chat even, not rush off to the next one. I was very proud of all of them!

Sunday, Papa took me out to a nice brunch downtown after a nice morning romp when we got back from dropping off the kids. The weather is just gorgeous right now! The time change certainly made it a long day, it got dark a little after 5 but we had a nice quiet night at home, vegging out and watching Sons of Anarchy.

Wedding…..I got the email. The rings are being shipped out tomorrow. It is not for sure we will be getting married at Master’s dad’s house. We have a few other places in mind. 11 more days, the end of next week. My mom bought all the kids clothes, 4 matching dresses for the girls and same color for our 1 boy. Very cute, she has great taste. We have secured the JP, have to get the license this weekend or next week.  For being on such short notice, it’s all coming together nicely. I’m nervous but twice as excited! I cannot wait to be His wife as well as His sub.

I love you Papa!!



6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Bring you to court for disclosing information about your twins? That is beyond silly. It’s not like he made you sign a confidentiality contract.. Jeez. Best of luck with your plans! Do not let him or anyone get to you like that. KD xoxo

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    1. Because he’s ridiculous and throws fits when he doesn’t get his way. And it isn’t like I posted it on Facebook. It’s all family. It’s only my natural reaction to let him upset me but the more he threatens and then does nothing, the less I’m reacting to it.
      Thank you for reading and your support!

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  2. I can relate to your dealings with Mr Red. I have an asshole as well who loves to threaten and try to keep control of me 12 years after the divorce. Your post helped me tonight 🙂 I am gonna tell him to go ahead, let’s go to court. He knows I cannot afford a lawyer either. I usually cry and apologize for everything, even breathing, when we fight. That stops tonight. Thank you!! ♡♡

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    1. I have had to watch this unfold in front of me. I have been sucked into it because I want to protect Baby Doll. It is the hardest thing I have seen Baby Doll do, that I have had to watch and do. It is scary as hell!!! But the the a narcissist hates the most is being ignored. My recommendation…respond as minimally ass possible, don’t apologize, one word answers are best, only respond to the facts, not the inflammatory statements. It is hard, but when you respond to the threats he wins! We are here anytime you need!
      – Master A

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