We are two days away. I’ll once again be a married woman.

No sex tonight or tomorrow night. At first I just suggested tomorrow night and Master took it and added tonight. Thank goodness last night happened! I cannot even imagine what Friday night will look like because my hors are moaning…..or rather, screaming, now as it is. Papa might be in big trouble…..but He likes it that way. He loves it when I attack Him like a wild woman.

Both of our nerves are a little on edge. My first marriage, we didn’t stand up before anyone. I know it’s just family and our children, but still, it makes me nervous. I hope I’ll be ok. Master suggested maybe having a little drink right before the ceremony, calm my nerves just a bit. I’ll probably have to.

We’ve thrown this wedding together in such a short time, even for as small as it is, it’s actually come together very nicely and I think it will end up being a nice little ceremony. Master and I have kept true to ourselves thru our rings and what we have chosen to wear.

Everything just feels…….so right.

A combination of seeing babies everywhere, on TV, when we go out, on social media, getting married….I’ve got major baby fever right now. Not to mention looking at our three year olds the other day, they’re really growing out of their toddler looks and into little kids now. The baby faces are disappearing. Every time I look at Papa Bear, I start thinking about sex and babies and I can hear that clock in the distance ticking louder each time. He’s trying to keep me calm and telling me not until next year. I know….I know right now is not the right time but my god, it’s hard to tell my body that! My hormones don’t care about timing…..they want to make a baby! 

I’m a big gooey ball of love, emotion, excitement…I’m crawling out of my skin for Friday to be here! I just want to be His wife…the last final step in truly becoming HIS…

happy wedding couple             happy heart



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