Ok…my nerves are definitely a little more on edge today. I’ve got butterflies.

We’re getting married in less than 26 hours.

I have to pick up and refresh the house a little when I get home tonight. Master’s mom is coming in from California and she will be staying with us tonight and then staying with Master’s little ones tomorrow night while we have our away night, our first night as a married couple. My girls are staying with my mom at their house. I think the kids are more excited about their sleepovers with the grandmas but I know the ones who are old enough to understand what’s going on are excited too.

Everything is done. My mother finished getting the cake and flowers today, all that’s left is getting everyone dressed, pictures and then the actual ceremony.

There goes the butterflies again.

I promised Master a while ago that when we got married, I would wear my wedding ring. I hardly ever wore a ring the last time. Another bad sign, looking back…

But there is no more looking back. There’s only looking forward.

Looking forward to a life with this Man who I adore more I ever thought possible.

The Man who I asked Him if He would take me as His sub, the Man who I told He owned me before He could even ask, the Man who I knew the second I saw that my life would never be the same.

We did my hair last night. I chose a darker color, it’s called “amethyst black”. It has a nice violet tone to it but also darker, closer to black. I painted my toes and tonight it will be my nails, which I never do but this is a special occasion and it would look nice to have my nails done for our wedding.

Yes, I’m beyond happy and excited….but big events always make me nervous too.

Breathe…just breathe…


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