It’s official!!  Master and I are married!!  I wouldn’t say the day went off without a hitch but for the most part, it came together nicely. The families joined us, the kids were there, we said our vows and are now joined in holy matrimony. I still have my moments that I cannot believe it actually happened, it sort of feels like a dream but it happened!  We are Husband and wife, Master and sub.

It was a bit challenging having the kids be involved but actually adorable at the same time! And they were pretty well behaved, all things considered.

After the ceremony and then “reception”…basically dinner and cake, the grandmas took their grandbabies home and Master and I headed to our hotel room for the night. We had taken two nights off…and that morning, we messed around A LOT, even ended up with Master on top but neither of us finished. We were out of this world horny but dedicated to saving it for that night. It actually felt amazing to be making love without the orgasm, it was all about the intimacy between us. So when we were finally in our suite, we were naked within minutes and in bed, kissing and fondling. The sex was crazy yummy, I’m sure people probably heard us….err, me.  *blush* Right at the orgasmic moment, the phone rang. We both thought it might have been the front desk, with a complaint. Later we found out it was my dad, checking to see we made it to our room.

After, we laid together for a few minutes and Master asked, what now? I said let’s go to Park! I wanted a couple of yummy cocktails so we got dressed and headed down there. We had our first when the bartender asked how our night was and Master told him we just got married. He generously offered shots, I said Master could have one but I couldn’t do a shot by itself. He said he’ll make it fruity for me. And he did. It had a great flavor to it. And another drink after that….my world was definitely shiny and moving around on its own. A glass of wine at dinner plus champagne at the hotel and then two cocktails and a shot…that was A LOT for me. We walked across the way to a burger place and got some late night “snacks”. I felt instantly better, then tired. We both did. Master and I headed back to the room and collapsed into bed.

That was our wedding day….it was perfect


13 thoughts on “Married

  1. Oh my lovely lovely most wonderful one… so so much love and congratulations…

    My little heart bursts with joy and happiness for you both .

    I wish I could send you a litthe wedding present. I have something that is just perfect x

    Much love x

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