By the end I was shaking and begging Papa…I couldn’t take anymore..

It had been a couple of days. Master’s back was a little out of whack and He wasn’t feeling well. He prepared me Monday night, no num-num. Then Tuesday He still wasn’t feeling up to it. Perfectly understandable. By Wednesday, between flirting and sending sexy pics back and forth, I was ready to climb the walls. Or at least climb on top of Master. We were talking about fantasies, playing, getting each other all riled up. The kids were with us so it had to wait until they were asleep…

We went into the bedroom and got ready for each other. Once in bed, kissing, fondling, He sucked on my nipples, pinched and bit them, fingered me until I was about ready to explode then ordered me to put His cock in my mouth.  I love sucking cock. There is something about having that hard, smooth member sliding in and out of my mouth that gets me totally worked up. Master’s cock in my mouth then sucking on His balls, running my tongue over all the places that He loves, that drives Him completely wild. And the more He responded, the more I got into it until I felt like just rubbing myself against the bed could have gotten me off. I came back up and Papa told me to get the double-ended dildo out and wash it real quick. He had a surprise for me. I did as I was told and as I came out of the bathroom, He instructed me to sit on the edge of the bed. He got down between my legs and pushed one end of the double inside me. Then took the other end in His mouth.

Master fucked me with the double dildo in His mouth and fucked me good.  What a sight that was to see, I enjoyed it very much. Then He put His mouth on my pussy, licked and sucked me to orgasm. To say I came hard is an understatement. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up the kids or had cops knocking on our door, I was so loud. I couldn’t help it. I kept feeling the waves of that orgasm wash over me and my body shuddered over and over. I could barely open my eyes. Orgasmic sub space…it was amazing.

Then Master fucked me. I don’t know how many times I came after that but they kept coming until I was begging Him, I couldn’t take anymore. I was completely spent.

Papa let me cuddle Him, He loved on me and pet me while I came back down to reality and was once again functional. Master needed His much deserved release. I asked Him how He wanted to cum. In my mouth. Done. I lubed up the double and started slowly fucking Him with it, short and then long gentle strokes. Then faster and faster until I knew He was feeling really good. I took Him in my mouth while still continuing to fuck Him until He unloaded down my throat. He held my head still while He came, taking each squirt down my throat then released His cock from my mouth.

It was a delicious night…



2 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Thanks Angel! It was a much needed night for both of us. I’m sure you two will be doing a little of that connecting soon enough now that your Daddy is coming home soon. Glad you enjoyed. 🙂


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