School girl fantasy


Having the last period of the day delivering messages also meant that once I was done, I had to busy myself with something. Sometimes I went to the library or to find a friend to hang out with and sometimes I just wandered around until the last bell rang. On this particular day, I went exploring.

A quiet school with empty hallways is eerie, though not as much as at night. I passed by full classrooms in session and could hear the muffled voices of teachers and students in some. Others where students seemed to be studying intently and still others playing games and laughing. Still having plenty of time, I ventured towards the cafeteria. It was dim inside as half the lights above the tables were off but the kitchen lights were shining bright. About to change my mind and head back out seeing as there didn’t seem to be anything of interest in there, I heard a muffled groan from the kitchen. Thinking it was probably someone groaning about cleaning or finishing up their duties, I was curious to see who was still back there when school was almost over.

Approaching the side door, I heard the noise again. Except it wasn’t so much a groan as a moan.

I stopped dead in my tracks…I knew I shouldn’t be here in the first place and obviously something was going on back there. I instantly felt my pussy start to tingle and my nipples get hard. I loved sneaking my dad’s dirty magazines late at night and the thought of catching a peak at some live action turned me on a lot.

I gently and slowly started to push the door in and quietly entered the kitchen. I heard a little more noise coming from the back-back, behind the service tables. Tip-toeing, I snuck back further and glanced around the corner to see the back end of a senior pounding someone. My whole body instantly warmed up and I couldn’t help but feel the hardness of one of my nipples. I shuddered at my own touch. I was beyond curious to see who he was fucking. I crept a little closer and to the side, still out of their view. I was shocked to see the side of Janice’s face, twisted in pleasure and more moans escaping her mouth. Janice was the head of the lunchroom kitchen. She was a bossy, friendly, easy to talk to woman in her late 30’s, I guessed. Her blouse was opened down the front, tits pulled out her bra and bouncing back and forth as Sean thrusted into her. His clothes were in a pile on the counter next to her. Having found a good view of them both where I could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, glistening with her juices, and the sides of their faces, I started to lean back against the wall and more into the shadows. I pulled my grey skirt up a little as my hand found its way into my panties and easily slid between my wet lips. Not having looked around first before stepping back, I stepped on a fork that must have fallen on the floor before all the other kitchen helpers left for the day. It flipped over and made a little bit of a racket before settling back down on the tile.

Sean and Janice froze and unhinged themselves and looked around to see what the noise was. I was backed against the wall, frozen myself, half in the shadows, caught with my hand in my panties.

Trying to act authoritative, Janice demanded that I step forward. Sean tried to cover himself but looked awkward with a red face. No matter who was standing where I was, he was caught, with the lunch lady. And in high school, that could mean social suicide. Feeling my own face flush, I took a couple of steps forward. Janice had a slight smirk on her face as she called me over to her. I was the child who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and knowing I was in trouble. But at the same time, I had sort of caught them, hadn’t I? Face to face with half naked Janice, she asked me if I was enjoying the sights. My face flushed again and she giggled. Janice ran her hands up my thighs. I tensed up, hardly having really been touched by boys, let alone a grown woman. She told me to relax as her fingers hooked into my panties and started to slide them down. I protested a bit and she ordered Sean to quiet me with a kiss. I closed my eyes as he kissed me and grabbed one of my tits. I tried to pull back but he held me to him. I stepped out of my panties as instructed by Janice. Sean was rock hard again, I could feel his cock pressing up against my leg. He guided me back against the table and then onto it. I started to object a little and Janice asked me if I really didn’t want this. Almost in a half whisper, I said I did..

She pushed my skirt up around my hips as I laid back on the table. Sean moved back around to where he was before, at Janice’s backside. She moved down to my pussy and took a long lick of my lips before shoving her tongue in between, immediately finding my swollen clit. Janice came back up for a second to remind me, we have to be quiet. I uttered, “yes ma’am” as her mouth found my wet and willing pussy again. Sean grinned at me as he slid himself back into her cunt. With each of Sean’s thrusts, her tongue ran over my clit and I was in heaven. Janice looked up and told me I was going to eat her pussy. I opened my mouth to tell her I didn’t know what I was doing but she said, it’ll come to me and she will guide me. I started to sit up and she told me to stay where I was. Sean moved up and grabbed my legs and pulled my ass to the edge of the table. My body quivered in excitement as his cock brushed against my pussy lips and parted them slightly. Janice straddled my chest and pushed my head back and inched up until her pussy was right above my face. She reached down and spread her lips so I could see her hole and pink clit. Almost begging to be eaten, she told me to put my mouth on her pussy and when I did, she gasped in pleasure. I felt the head of Sean’s cock started to push against my hole and moaned in pleasure myself. I’d fantasized about this, eating a pussy while being fucked. I’d fantasized about it a lot, while fingering myself to orgasm before bed most nights. I’ve known I was bisexual since I began seeing my peers in a sexual way. My attraction didn’t distinguish between the two.

I felt Sean’s cock slowly start to push inside me, he commented on how small and tight I was. Janice asked, “is our sweet baby girl a virgin?” I shook my head no while keeping my mouth glued to her sweet pussy. Her head rolled back and she moaned as I moaned as Sean started fucking my pussy good. I reached up and grabbed her nipples, lightly twisting them between my fingers. She moaned louder. I sucked her clit into my mouth and felt my pussy gush over Sean’s cock. He felt amazing with my legs spread wide, taking him all the way inside me. Janice’s legs began to quiver as she tried to hold the louder moans inside. I ramped up my efforts, licking and sucking her clit as his thrusts pushed my mouth hard up against her pussy. I felt a little river of juice flow down my chin as she ground her orgasming pussy against me. Janice un-straddled me and sat on the table next to me, playing with and sucking on my nipples. Then she started fingering me, putting one hand over my mouth to keep me from moaning too loud. Rubbing my clit faster and Sean’s cock fucking me good, I exploded in an orgasm under Janice’s experienced fingers. She told Sean to stop and pull out before he cums and as my breathing slowed, I was told to get on my knees at his feet and suck him off. His cock was slathered in a mixture of pussy juices as I took him into my mouth. Cleaning his cock with my tongue, it wasn’t long before he gushed his white hot liquid down my throat. Content and fulfilled, I was grinning like the slutty school girl that I was and I gathered up the few clothes I actually took off and the bell rang…

The Strangest Thing

Yes, Master and I have been venturing out and having some fun. No, I have not been writing too much about it. But this one….the story needs to be told.
We live in a touristy city, lots of visitors, we don’t focus mainly on locals. Before one thinks we are total whores, it’s much harder setting up couple dates or meetings than one thinks.  And we have 5 kids.  It isn’t like we are out there whoring it up. Just a couple of interesting meet-ups. We have decided if we play, we play on Friday nights we are without kids so that we have Saturdays to recover. It would be a small disaster playing Saturdays with kids arriving the next morning.  So it narrows our availability down but it’s responsible.
This couple comes here multiple times a year, for fun, for business. They said they have been in the life for years. We got to chatting, they said they were actually going to be here this week, we said how about meeting? They agreed. Master set up the plans with the other gentleman. They chatted briefly about boundaries and turn-offs etc. It all seemed to be meshing.
We met up at a bar downtown, had a couple of drinks. Master and him chatted a lot, us ladies chimed in on occasion but the men were certainly the conversation carriers. It seemed to flow easily. He was friendly and funny, outgoing and talkative. Like Master. She was a little quieter, but still nice and followed along. Like me. The plans were the bar first, a strip club next and then the swing club. Sounded like a fun night to me. After the drinks we headed to the strip club. We all met up there. Master quietly asked me if it was OK that He sat next to her, I said it was fine with me, which meant I would be next to him. In the car on the way there, Master mentioned it could end up being a late night. Sitting close together, we watched the girls and other patrons, we chatted some. He seemed to become a little listless and distracted, which I assumed was the fact that we were in a strip club with nude and near nude girls all wondering around.  Hell, I was distracted a little myself.  Then he got up, was talking to a bouncer and next thing I knew, gone. Ok…..the 3 of us continued chatting and watching the girls. He remained gone. She said something about he may have gone and gotten a lap dance. Again…ok. we were in a strip club after all. A little fucked up in my book but whatever. She finally went looking for him after seeming a little annoyed herself. She came back to us, then he appeared and asked what the game plan was. Master asked if they were still interested in going to the swing club. They were. So we headed out.
Master and I got to the club first and went in. We wandered around to see if there was anything interesting going on. There wasn’t.  Just a lot of single men looking for some action. Papa text him to let them know the situation and they said they were coming in anyway.  Ok…they came in and we wandered around again, this time showing them around.  He acted a little like a kid, excitedly going from one room to the next to see what was there. Master let him lead, exploring. I thought it was a little odd but went along anyway.  Maybe he needed some time to settle in and decide what he wanted to do. Going back to the private rooms, again, he started to fondle her a bit as a small crowd was gathering outside because a couple in the next room had left their door open but put the chain up. Which meant anyone could watch but not join. It was an awkward moment of well, are we going to play or….?  The first of more awkward moments apparently. Master asked if they wanted to stay there, go back to their hotel room or…there was no definite answer but he started to pull up her skirt and fondling her so we closed the door. Figuring it was each couple would start and then go from there, Master and I kissed. And then somehow she came up to me and said something about she has to have me or try me or whatever. So I was guided back on the bed, she asked me if I was OK with it, I said I was.  He was sitting in a chair against the wall, I got the feeling he wanted to watch, which I hate but can tolerate for a couple of minutes. Master started to undress a little. She and I kissed and she moved down and pushed my skirt up. Master came over to me and started kissing me, playing with my nipples. He pulled my boobs out of my shirt and bra completely….then pulled my shirt off and bra.  All I had left was my skirt pushed up around my waist. She was down between my legs, I was enjoying her pleasuring me and then Master kissing me. He was still sitting in the chair. In a couples playing situation I figured if he wanted to join, he would find a way. It was him afterall, who encouraged her to approach me in the first place. With her as in the air, no panties on, he certainly could have started taking some clothes off or touching her. But instead he came up to her and she backed off me. Maybe she is pulling him into the action? They kissed a little, whispering a little. He pants were a little undone. Keeping up the action, I started going down on Master but I heard our “friend” mention something about the bed not being big enough. Master said we could certainly accommodate everyone and again he retorted with it’s not big enough. At that point, it was becoming obvious this was not happening.  For whatever reason, he was putting the breaks on big time.  Master and I started to get dressed and he said it looked like we were having fun, we shouldn’t stop.  We both ignored him and continued to dress.  He opened the door after buckling back up and walked out. She followed him. Alright then. We finished dressing and walked out ourselves. He was gone. We hung around for a few minutes to see what was going on, browsed the masks they had set out for their big New Years bash they’re throwing.  She came back and sat near us, didn’t say much at first then started in about something along the lines of she doesn’t play alone, she only plays with her boyfriend and we both agreed that we knew that which is why we were all in the room together.  And then it came out, she said she didn’t want to put me on the spot and understood if I wasn’t attracted to him or into him. I was confused. At what point did I put out there I wasn’t into him? I would have thought more he wasn’t into me because he disappeared at the strip club for probably a 3rd or quarter of the total time we were there.  I was sitting next to him and he never flirted with me, made any motions to touch me even in the slightest way and didn’t even seem interested in talking to me. He was more interested in talking to the bouncer and running off. She said something about he’s very respectful and wouldn’t just touch another woman. While we were in the private room, he didn’t even make a move to join us or touch her or anything. She said she didn’t know where he was with all this and uncertain whether it was even going to happen tonight but that she would go and talk to him. Master said that was a good idea. She walked away.  I was already ready to go home. I have three 3-year olds. I know what a temper tantrum looks like and he certainly fit the bill.  She came back a minute later and said it would be better to call it a night. Good. Thank goodness. I was not thrilled with being blamed for not making him feel comfortable enough or whatever it was that he was expecting. Master and I walked out.
Finally home, we talked about it at length and ended the evening with some oral play, just the two of us.
Couples….I don’t know…..they’re a little too much drama to be worth it. We’ll see…
It was a strange evening for sure. But another story to tell!

The Move

We got the news this week.  Master has been offered a job in Florida.  It’s the school He originally wanted so He’s super stoked about it.  I’m so happy for Him and proud of Him! 
Now that that’s come thru,  the reality is setting in that it’s actually happening. I’ve been here since I was 6 years old.  It’s a huge change for me but I’m super excited as well.  I’ve gone thru all the changes of the past year and a half, why not this one too?  It’s just a matter of if they will actually move with us or if court is in our future.  I keep holding out hope that they will but I’m realistic at the same time.
Something interesting popped up last night…..a Unicorn. She found us, propositioned and we accepted. Unicorns are hard to come by, unless there was an unavoidable reason to not accept, why not? She’s from out of town, visiting for work. Sweet, cute, a little nerdy and totally ready to explore and have fun. So we have a date on Monday.  Master proposed taking her out to dinner and see how she feels, then we’ll probably go back to our place.
December is turning out to be a very busy month for us! So far, I’m doing pretty good about handling my issues, reminding myself that I have nothing to fear. He loves me. And I love Him. No one can ever replace either of us. Our past has left an impression on me but I’m working on digging it out and letting it go. The last couple of days have been less and less twingy for me.
I am looking forward to this month…

Playful Questions

Browsing, talking to and playing with couples has brought up interesting observations and questions for me.

The first time playing with someone, it’s exciting and fun but there is that element of the unknown, not knowing the other person’s body, their turn-ons and such. So how good is someone in bed, really? Many claim that they their spouses have talent in the bedroom but what they don’t realize is just how much of that talent is based on how well their spouses know their bodies or really are that good.

I am not saying by any stretch that there are not naturally good lovers out there. Or lovers who are self-taught because they are observant or have chosen to learn about what best pleases men and women. Not at all. There are plenty of good lovers. But when a wife says her husband can eat pussy like no one’s business, well, sweetie…how well does he know your pussy by now? Probably pretty fucking well so he knows exactly how she likes it done and can make her feel amazing in no time. Being with a completely new person, that is no easy feat, even being the best lover you can be.

It takes a little bit of time to learn a person’s body, to find just that one spot that will make him or her squirm and grip the sheets and beg for more. Occasionally, you will come across someone who is able to do that the very first time, but most likely not.

Playing is fun, it’s a thrill but I don’t usually find the thrill in the sex. It’s more about the idea, the hunt and the flirting. When it comes to actual sex, it’s no where near as satisfying as sex with Master. And afterwards, all I can usually think about is being with Him again. Feeling His touch, His kisses, His cock, His thrusting hips, His hands, His everything. The best sex is uninhibited and passionate. Not usually the sex one has in this lifestyle. At least I don’t.

So why play? I’ve struggled with this question of late. How much am I going along for Master and how much do I really want it? Am I getting out of it what I want or tagging along for the ride?

Playing introduces the opportunity for us to meet new people, make the most of our time when we are without kids (aside from our date nights), bond and gather new experiences. Most of all, it allows us to learn things about ourselves and each other we might not in any other way.

Master has little twingy moments, He says, but they pass quickly and it’s mostly about if He thinks someone else might be pleasing me better than He can. I can assure Him that is most certainly never the case. I’ve never been happier with my sex life than I am now with Him. I think I may have narrowed down where my jealousy is stemming from. Many thanks to Master asking some of the harder questions and making me open up about it. It’s the most difficult thing for me to admit I am jealous. I’ve never been jealous over sex before and I’ve actually gone back to doing a little bit of internet research to figure out the origin and then a plan on eradicating this feeling, if possible. It takes bravery to be so honest with yourself and willing to face the demon. Replaying events of those nights in my mind, paying close attention to my emotions and reactions as I recount my experiences has helped a lot. It’s also a matter of seeing if the feelings fade a little more each time. I appreciate all the reassurances Master gives me of His love and commitment to me, and to us. That helps a lot.

At the end of the day, I’m not just going along with Master and what He wants. I want to play too. I don’t always get what I want out of it, none of us do, but that’s part of this game. And that’s ok. There’s always new experiences and new people out there waiting to be had.


I am the perfect hurt and broken animal.

I escaped but he still crosses my path

And if he takes a step toward me it’s met with snarling and malice.

One can only hurt an animal so many times before the inevitable.

My Master took me in,  fed my soul, He brought the light back into my eyes.

I’m healing. I feel my strength growing each day.

I will have my chance.

I will no longer cower in the corner.

My voice will be heard and I will stand strong.