The Move

We got the news this week.  Master has been offered a job in Florida.  It’s the school He originally wanted so He’s super stoked about it.  I’m so happy for Him and proud of Him! 
Now that that’s come thru,  the reality is setting in that it’s actually happening. I’ve been here since I was 6 years old.  It’s a huge change for me but I’m super excited as well.  I’ve gone thru all the changes of the past year and a half, why not this one too?  It’s just a matter of if they will actually move with us or if court is in our future.  I keep holding out hope that they will but I’m realistic at the same time.
Something interesting popped up last night…..a Unicorn. She found us, propositioned and we accepted. Unicorns are hard to come by, unless there was an unavoidable reason to not accept, why not? She’s from out of town, visiting for work. Sweet, cute, a little nerdy and totally ready to explore and have fun. So we have a date on Monday.  Master proposed taking her out to dinner and see how she feels, then we’ll probably go back to our place.
December is turning out to be a very busy month for us! So far, I’m doing pretty good about handling my issues, reminding myself that I have nothing to fear. He loves me. And I love Him. No one can ever replace either of us. Our past has left an impression on me but I’m working on digging it out and letting it go. The last couple of days have been less and less twingy for me.
I am looking forward to this month…


2 thoughts on “The Move

    1. I know….I wanted there too but….
      It is what it is. And FL is the school that Master belongs in. I have a ton of family there on my father’s side so they’re all getti g excited too. And I thought 2015 was the year of change. It was just preparing me for 2016 apparently

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