The Strangest Thing

Yes, Master and I have been venturing out and having some fun. No, I have not been writing too much about it. But this one….the story needs to be told.
We live in a touristy city, lots of visitors, we don’t focus mainly on locals. Before one thinks we are total whores, it’s much harder setting up couple dates or meetings than one thinks.  And we have 5 kids.  It isn’t like we are out there whoring it up. Just a couple of interesting meet-ups. We have decided if we play, we play on Friday nights we are without kids so that we have Saturdays to recover. It would be a small disaster playing Saturdays with kids arriving the next morning.  So it narrows our availability down but it’s responsible.
This couple comes here multiple times a year, for fun, for business. They said they have been in the life for years. We got to chatting, they said they were actually going to be here this week, we said how about meeting? They agreed. Master set up the plans with the other gentleman. They chatted briefly about boundaries and turn-offs etc. It all seemed to be meshing.
We met up at a bar downtown, had a couple of drinks. Master and him chatted a lot, us ladies chimed in on occasion but the men were certainly the conversation carriers. It seemed to flow easily. He was friendly and funny, outgoing and talkative. Like Master. She was a little quieter, but still nice and followed along. Like me. The plans were the bar first, a strip club next and then the swing club. Sounded like a fun night to me. After the drinks we headed to the strip club. We all met up there. Master quietly asked me if it was OK that He sat next to her, I said it was fine with me, which meant I would be next to him. In the car on the way there, Master mentioned it could end up being a late night. Sitting close together, we watched the girls and other patrons, we chatted some. He seemed to become a little listless and distracted, which I assumed was the fact that we were in a strip club with nude and near nude girls all wondering around.  Hell, I was distracted a little myself.  Then he got up, was talking to a bouncer and next thing I knew, gone. Ok…..the 3 of us continued chatting and watching the girls. He remained gone. She said something about he may have gone and gotten a lap dance. Again…ok. we were in a strip club after all. A little fucked up in my book but whatever. She finally went looking for him after seeming a little annoyed herself. She came back to us, then he appeared and asked what the game plan was. Master asked if they were still interested in going to the swing club. They were. So we headed out.
Master and I got to the club first and went in. We wandered around to see if there was anything interesting going on. There wasn’t.  Just a lot of single men looking for some action. Papa text him to let them know the situation and they said they were coming in anyway.  Ok…they came in and we wandered around again, this time showing them around.  He acted a little like a kid, excitedly going from one room to the next to see what was there. Master let him lead, exploring. I thought it was a little odd but went along anyway.  Maybe he needed some time to settle in and decide what he wanted to do. Going back to the private rooms, again, he started to fondle her a bit as a small crowd was gathering outside because a couple in the next room had left their door open but put the chain up. Which meant anyone could watch but not join. It was an awkward moment of well, are we going to play or….?  The first of more awkward moments apparently. Master asked if they wanted to stay there, go back to their hotel room or…there was no definite answer but he started to pull up her skirt and fondling her so we closed the door. Figuring it was each couple would start and then go from there, Master and I kissed. And then somehow she came up to me and said something about she has to have me or try me or whatever. So I was guided back on the bed, she asked me if I was OK with it, I said I was.  He was sitting in a chair against the wall, I got the feeling he wanted to watch, which I hate but can tolerate for a couple of minutes. Master started to undress a little. She and I kissed and she moved down and pushed my skirt up. Master came over to me and started kissing me, playing with my nipples. He pulled my boobs out of my shirt and bra completely….then pulled my shirt off and bra.  All I had left was my skirt pushed up around my waist. She was down between my legs, I was enjoying her pleasuring me and then Master kissing me. He was still sitting in the chair. In a couples playing situation I figured if he wanted to join, he would find a way. It was him afterall, who encouraged her to approach me in the first place. With her as in the air, no panties on, he certainly could have started taking some clothes off or touching her. But instead he came up to her and she backed off me. Maybe she is pulling him into the action? They kissed a little, whispering a little. He pants were a little undone. Keeping up the action, I started going down on Master but I heard our “friend” mention something about the bed not being big enough. Master said we could certainly accommodate everyone and again he retorted with it’s not big enough. At that point, it was becoming obvious this was not happening.  For whatever reason, he was putting the breaks on big time.  Master and I started to get dressed and he said it looked like we were having fun, we shouldn’t stop.  We both ignored him and continued to dress.  He opened the door after buckling back up and walked out. She followed him. Alright then. We finished dressing and walked out ourselves. He was gone. We hung around for a few minutes to see what was going on, browsed the masks they had set out for their big New Years bash they’re throwing.  She came back and sat near us, didn’t say much at first then started in about something along the lines of she doesn’t play alone, she only plays with her boyfriend and we both agreed that we knew that which is why we were all in the room together.  And then it came out, she said she didn’t want to put me on the spot and understood if I wasn’t attracted to him or into him. I was confused. At what point did I put out there I wasn’t into him? I would have thought more he wasn’t into me because he disappeared at the strip club for probably a 3rd or quarter of the total time we were there.  I was sitting next to him and he never flirted with me, made any motions to touch me even in the slightest way and didn’t even seem interested in talking to me. He was more interested in talking to the bouncer and running off. She said something about he’s very respectful and wouldn’t just touch another woman. While we were in the private room, he didn’t even make a move to join us or touch her or anything. She said she didn’t know where he was with all this and uncertain whether it was even going to happen tonight but that she would go and talk to him. Master said that was a good idea. She walked away.  I was already ready to go home. I have three 3-year olds. I know what a temper tantrum looks like and he certainly fit the bill.  She came back a minute later and said it would be better to call it a night. Good. Thank goodness. I was not thrilled with being blamed for not making him feel comfortable enough or whatever it was that he was expecting. Master and I walked out.
Finally home, we talked about it at length and ended the evening with some oral play, just the two of us.
Couples….I don’t know…..they’re a little too much drama to be worth it. We’ll see…
It was a strange evening for sure. But another story to tell!


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