When we first ventured out and started playing, I was all about the foursomes. I thought being with another couple would pan out much better than threesomes. I know I have some issues on occasion with seeing Papa with other women and I also know it’s fear, insecurity and possessiveness. In my mind, during foursomes or swapping, I would be able to focus on what’s (who is, actually) in front of me and not on Him, what He’s doing or what’s being done for Him. But after a couple of these, I’ve come to realize this is no longer the case.

Instead, I’ve found myself feeling disconnected from Papa, feeling as though I have given Him away for the night. He’s off doing His thing and I’m doing mine. Whereas during threesomes, we are there together. Sharing and enjoying each other as much as the other person who has joined us for the night. I have much less anxiety about seeing Him go down on another woman or fuck her. In fact, I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing Him pleased and hearing the moans from her mouth as He is taking care of her. During this, He is also with me. We’re TOGETHER, sharing and enjoying an adventure with each other.

Master and I found another Unicorn to play with. She’s in her 40’s, divorced and really only looking for fun and friends. Nothing more, which is perfect for us. She is fun, friendly, attractive (for not really being either of our type), easy to get along with. We have played with her twice and each time, enjoyed it a lot. She is not a pillow princess, makes a good amount of noise, and is willing to explore. She doesn’t mind Master’s dominance, in fact, seems to enjoy it. We have been able to explore some fun positions, including Master having two women on top of Him at the same time. One on His face and the other on His cock, which He enjoyed immensely. As well as having both of us suck His cock and balls at the same time.  I’ve had my fair share of pussy too! Even having her sit on my face. Hmm. That was a delight!

I’ve had my little twinges here & there, but certainly nothing like when we have been with couples. The last couple we were with, what set me off was Him cumming with her. But being with our second Unicorn, both times He came with her, I was fine with it and I really think it was because I was also involved with Him, with His pleasure. Maybe that’s part of my possessiveness. I recognized it immediately and knew there was no way I could impose that rule on Papa, that He cannot cum with anyone else. It’s not fair and it takes a fair amount of the fun out playing. It means He has to be so conscious of getting to that point and even having to stop to switch? No. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t imagine that pressure being put on me and if it was, would stop me from reaching any orgasm. During a threesome, though….it’s however it plays out.

Will we play with couples anymore? I don’t know. Probably. Will it get easier for me? Remains to be seen.


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