The Unknown

My stomach is in knots, my nerves are on edge, I feel like I can barely breathe.

The time for Master to have “the talk” with Stripe is upon us. He’s with her now and I’m beyond nervous.

Master received His contract last week, notified them that He will be signing it and sending it in. Not a peep from either of them.

He signed and sent the contract back, again notifying them it was done. Still, not a peep.

Master asked her about lunch this week, just the two of them. She agreed.

It’s time to have the talk of whether they are planning on moving with us or not, or what exactly their answer is.

I’m kind of taking the fact that He has been with her for over an hour as a good sign. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

I’m just anxiously waiting.

Last week, my oldest told me, in the middle of talking about moving, that her father said they might not move after all. It broke my heart. I thought I was prepared for hearing that but ever the optimist, I always think the best is going to happen. But it’s hardest to prepare for the worst. I thought it pretty crappy to tell her that not having discussed anything with me yet. Although my sweet girl expressed a strong desire to move. I have family down there, on my father’s side that she adores and would love to around full time. If Red does not agree to, or stalls, or is trying to sweet-talk everyone into thinking he is moving and then pulling out at the last minute, it’s going to be hell to endure. I will not and cannot tolerate any of it. I cannot leave the fate of where my children will go in his hands. If forced, I will have to leave it in the hands of a judge. I don’t want to. I want to agree and do it all together, keep the kids and the families together. But I know in my heart that nothing with him has ever been easy while I was WITH him. Why would he make it any easier now that I am NOT with him?

I think he’s dug himself into a tight spot. Unless I’m mistaken, I think Stripe wants to move. I know she doesn’t like it here and she has no family. All her family is back east. Moving to Florida means she will be much closer to her family and her mother has work there as well. Not to mention, Stripe’s own mama wants to retire in Florida too. So unless he convinces her not to move, I think she will. And then that battle begins…..  Master will not voluntarily leave His babies behind either.

So much unknown!! I suppose I’ll know soon enough…


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