Ohhh Baby

We’ve been discussing the baby issue more and more now that we know where we are moving. Papa made a good point the other night.  If I have the iud pulled out in March, that could be a December baby….giving us that month and part of January where He is not teaching…hmm, very good point indeed. Pending I get pregnant right away. On average, it takes 4-6 months after removal for conception.  But there is also my age.  I will be 36 in May. That automatically puts me at high risk. Not to mention that many pregnancy risks double or more after 35. And the fact that we are moving in July/August also means some high stress involved and Master’s daunting task of finishing His dissertation. Does He need a pregnant, stressed out wife during this whole ordeal? BUT MY EGGS ARE GETTING OLDER by the second! Ugh!!! The dilemma…..decisions, decisions!!


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