I’ve been looking for some part-time work  in addition to my current job.  I’m struggling because of the sales end of it.  It’s harder than I anticipated. Jets made it sound easier and better than it was so I decided to look around for extra money and for my sanity.
I received an email this morning from a CPA, sounds like he works alone in his office, looking for an assistant.  It’s my type of work and I was upfront about my current position. He set up a phone interview for this afternoon.  Master mentioned something about being sure to keep myself closed off to anyone but Him or who He approves of. I was a little taken aback but understood where it’s coming from.  I have a past of infidelity. And He knows. Papa knows even about the one Red doesn’t. I deserve the questioning and slight mistrust. Only time will allow me to prove to Him I am and will be faithful to Master.


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