They had their baby.

Master and I have been on a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. For Him, He thinks it’s mostly about the fact that Stripe claims to want to be friends but when it came to the baby, she’s been completely silent with Him. Master is naturally caring and curious and it hurts Him that she has deliberately kept Him in the dark about all of it. He text her saying He hopes her and the baby are doing well and all He got back was “thanks”.

I honestly did not think it would affect either of us like it did. For Master it’s the lack of communication. For me, I think it’s more about the fact that Him and I have been talking about having a baby for about a year and I want one so bad with Him. I want OUR baby. Patience has never been a very strong virtue with me so it’s hard for me to want something so bad and yet have to wait for it. And none of my kids were planned so trying to have a baby at the right time and being told now is not the right time is hard for me too.

Red is taking 2 weeks off and he had said he would meet me at therapy for one of our girls but since it was such a long labor, he couldn’t make it. She had the baby by 11pm Sunday night and therapy was at 11:30am the next day. I certainly hope that’s one of the rare times where he puts Stripe and their new offspring ahead of any of the kids. I wasn’t thrilled about it….but I let it go. Maybe that’s how I’m interpreting it but I can’t help it. He works normally and cannot make therapy on those days and the first time he can…he opts out. His choice.

That night…I was in need of the release that pain brings and Papa was in need of letting His frustration out. He bent me over His knees, pulled my hose and panties down and spanked me really hard for a good length of time. By the end, my pussy was throbbing with almost as much excitement as my ass was from the stinging pain. Master has a very heavy hand. A full session would not have gone well, we thought. Sometimes, even the best Doms don’t know when or how to stop when in complete control like Master has over me. So we opted for a spanking and it seemed perfect. Just enough. For now. Although I can feel a session coming soon..



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