Papa and I had a date on Friday night with a couple. I was excited to be going out and the prospect of playing intrigued me but with them….eh, they didn’t thrill me. I had a feeling she was a pillow princess. All of her fantasies or anything she wanted to try were things being done to her, the usual sign of a princess. At the end of the night, we could have locked her in the bathroom, just played with him and ended up having quite the night…
We met up for drinks at the hotel they were staying at.  Conversation was easy enough. Drinks certainly helped to loosen me up a bit. The gentleman asked is we would like to go upstairs to their room. Sure…
Once up there,  this slowly progressed. We talked, took off some clothes.  Talked a little bit more, more clothes came off. Eventually we started up. I’m not sure if she was nervous but she was obnoxious. I didn’t mind being smacked by her crop but I’m sure she was looking for more of a reaction because it left a red mark on my leg but the level at which Master beats me,  a little hand crop is not going to impress me at all. I don’t even think I flinched. She pinched all of our nipples, and not in a sexy way but hard. And twisted. It wasn’t because she genuinely enjoyed nipples like Master and I do.  She’s a sadist and let loose an evil little giggle every time she got the reaction she was hoping for.  To make it even more interesting,  she was a pillow princess as well. She didn’t really touch Papa or me, except using a couple of toys on me. Going down on her was boring because she didn’t move or make hardly any noise at all. Papa fisted her at one point and that’s when she finally made some noise.  But again….laid back and let Him.
He, on the other hand…
He was fun. Good kisser, he knew how to please a woman orally, although could have stayed down there a bit longer. Nice cock with a Prince Albert. He was enthusiastic and enjoyable. Too bad we couldn’t have locked her outside actually….naked. That would have been funny. And well deserved.
After things settled down and we were talking again….bisexuality came up and she called herself bi. I surpressed a chuckle. She isn’t bi, she may mess around a little bit during play but she is NOT bi.
It certainly was not the worst couple experience we have had but it could have gone better.  The risk with playing with couples is you’re not always going to mesh with both of them. It was too bad, if she were different,  it could have been a great night.

Another Birthday

Today is my twin girls’ birthday.   They are 4 years old. I cannot believe it. 4 already! 
It’s a unique experience having twins and I’m sure only about to get even more interesting as their personalities really start to shine. I couldn’t imagine life without them!!

Happy birthday to my baby girls!