Beaten & Bruised

I was better, yes. But still not 100% like myself. And after we had some dinner, I spiraled again. Though not as bad as the day before. Papa decided it was a session night. It’s been a while anyway and He was hoping to beat the demons out of me instead of hoping they would just go away on their own.

Naked at His request, I gave Him a foot rub and we briefly talked about the playing. Sometimes I’m all rearing to go and other times I’m hesitant. Not because I don’t want it but it’s hard for me to share Him with other women. I have a hard time with losing a night with Him being as attached as I am. But….but…playing is fun. Damn Gemini! I drive myself crazy!

After the foot rub, I went into the bedroom to pull out the straps and toys. I got out the ball gag, Gentleman, Oakey, Leatherman, Mr. Grey, Rose, and the flogger. I was amazed at the stains on Gentleman. I haven’t looked at him in a while and the wood is stained with my blood, as well as Oakey. I made room on our dresser and lined them all up for Master’s use. He sat on the bed in front of me, massaged my breasts, sucked on and played with my nipples then spanked them. One hit was particularly hard and left an instant bruise as well making me hyper-sensitive. I saw the Monster peaking out behind His eyes. I knew I was in serious trouble then. It was going to be a tough session. He then asked me the important questions. Did I give myself freely to Him? Did I understand that it was not done until He was done? Was I giving Him my safe word? Yes Sir. Yes Papa. I was all His.

He tied me down, gagged me and started in with my punishment. The first 15 were not so bad but once Mr. Grey came over to play, I panicked a little. Then Rose and Oakey. I broke down crying from the 25 alone but I wasn’t done. He teased and fucked me to bring me back around again then resumed with my beating. Leatherman left his licks across my back and the Gentleman reddened the back of my thighs. Two breaks later, I was toast. It was all I could do to keep my feet under me and a good thing the gag was in my mouth or I would have been a heap on the floor moaning vanilla over and over. Just when I think a session was the hardest I’ve ever endured, Master plunges me deeper, shows me how much I can take. He unstrapped me, brought me on the bed with Him and held me. My body trembled, my backside stung and ached and throbbed from the pain.

I felt her huddle up inside the dark space, in a corner far out of reach from anywhere. I could see her shaking her head, tears streaming down her face, repeating, “it was too much, it was too much” over and over. Another distant voice tried soothing her, saying that she would be ok, it’s all ok, let it go, let the pain wash over her. She was almost lost but the voice kept her tethered to the sliver of light poking through. Slowly she gathered her beaten and bruised body up and walked towards the light. She pushed her way through the darkness like a butterfly pushes its way out of the cocoon, emerging with a fresh, beautiful body, taking a deep breath of the new world around her….feeling good!



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