Papa got me a helmet the other night and last night He took me riding for the first time ever. I’ve never been on a motorcycle, in fact, I’ve always been super afraid of them. I said time and time again, it’s straddling an engine with wheels. No protection from other drivers or the world speeding by. Master asked me, just try it a couple of times. If I really didn’t like it, He wouldn’t ask me to go with Him anymore. Well, I got on with Him..

It was a little nerve-wracking at first. I held onto Papa pretty tight but as we went a little further I relaxed. It’s loud but peaceful in a way. And it makes you more aware of the world around you as you pass by or it passes you by.

By the end when we got off the freeway, Papa said I had survived and asked how I felt. I asked Him if we really needed to go home. He chuckled and said we were low on gas so yes. Then I said He isn’t going anywhere without me if I could go!  Yes, it’s still scary but it’s thrilling at the same time. I loved it. I love the sound of the wind, I love watching everything as we pass by, the freedom of it.

There’s something about this Man….something that makes me let go of everything and follow Him. I get to experience more of the world because of Him encouraging me and find myself in the meantime.


3 thoughts on “Riding

    1. I loved it! Really loved it. I wasn’t sure I would but now I could be an addict!! I can’t wait until the next time we can go!!


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