I am my own worst subbie critic. I get so afraid of disappointing Him, that He won’t notice what I have done right and only focus on what I haven’t or what I failed to do. Exactly how I am on myself. If I treat myself that way, if I criticize myself that harshly, why wouldn’t I expect Papa to do the same? But He doesn’t. He appreciates me, He recognizes the things I do do and only slightly corrects me when needed.  But never harshly, never in an angry tone, just matter-of-factly reminds me of the little thing here or there that I might have missed. I take it hard sometimes, by no fault of His but again, my own worst critic.  I expect perfection and when I don’t achieve it, I take it to heart. So I must keep reminding myself  that it isn’t about perfection but striving to do my best everyday, take care of my family and  be the submissive that makes my Master proud and happy to have me at His feet.


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