{{Papa inspired….He started to tell me a version of this after one of the nights I sucked Him to orgasm and asked for a story…but He didn’t get to finish it. Just because we might not play anymore doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize…}}

Master took me out for a bike ride. We ended up in a little town about 70 miles out of the city. It had been a long ride and our butts needed a little bit of a rest before taking on the last stretch to get home. There was a bar that served food and we were both hungry so we stopped.

It was dark and a little bit country inside as we settled in with a couple of drinks and ordered some food. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed a tall redhead sitting at the bar by herself. There were some other bikers and a few truckers sitting around, chatting or eating quietly. The redhead seemed to be keeping to herself, back to everyone while she ran her finger slowly along the rim of her glass. Maybe she felt me glancing her way, but she turned to look back at me. I gave her a shy smile and I got a sultry tilt of her head as an acknowledgment in return.

Our food came and we started eating. I mentioned her to Master and He had a look Himself, trying not to be obvious. A devilish smile came across His face as He jokingly said there was a motel across the way if she might be interested in spending some private time with us. I chuckled a little and asked Him what would be the chances of that actually happening? Papa turned a bit more serious and said, “Really…what’s the harm in asking?” to which I said we get rejected. He came back with, “So what? Then we go home and I fuck you. Nothing lost but nothing gained if we never ask..” Next thing I know, after finishing up our meal, I was sitting next to her, striking up a conversation. This wasn’t easy for me but somehow I was doing it. Master joined us and we ended up back at our table with more drinks, laughing and getting to know each other better. Time flew by and suddenly, Papa perked up and said there was no way we were going to make it home tonight. It was getting dark and He had had a little too much to drink. We were going to have to get that motel room anyway.  Feeling confident and flirty, I put my hand on Rose’s on her leg and asked her if she wanted to join us in our room that night. Much to my surprise, she said yes…

Master drove the bike over to the hotel, slowly, while Rose and I walked over after grabbing some more beverages from the store. It was a little bit of an awkward walk but shortly after Papa got our room, we settled in and had one more drink. There’s always that quiet moment of everyone wondering how exactly this is going to get started. I leaned over and kissed Rose first. I couldn’t resist. She responded enthusiastically by grabbing my breasts. I felt Papa sit down next to her as she pulled away from me and kissed Him next. I rubbed her chest, felt her nipples harden under my touch and then reached over and rubbed His thigh to find her hand already on His cock. This was definitely happening!

Clothes found their way to the floor, her nipples ended up in my mouth as she began sucking His cock. She had big, beautiful, round breasts with large pink nipples that I couldn’t get enough of. And thank goodness, she evidently loved having her nipples sucked on as I couldn’t pry my mouth from them. Until Master grabbed my hair and shoved His cock in my mouth instead. Rose and I switched places, it was my turn to have my nipples assaulted. I felt her wander down between my legs to find me very wet. We disentangled and got up on the bed and ended up in a 69, with her on top. Master came around and slid His rock hard cock inside her, making her moan into my pussy. He started fucking her while I sucked and licked her clit. Papa’s thrusts made her pussy move against my mouth and made her mouth rub all over my pussy. It was quite delicious. She gently pulled away and laid back, telling me I had to try that. I climbed on top of her and Master obliged with fucking me next. She was right, nothing quite like having a tongue on your clit and a cock in your pussy at the same time. Then the added benefit of having a very wet tasty pussy in my mouth became too much for me. My body exploded in an orgasm. Master pulled away from me and sat back, telling Rose to climb on top of Him, He wanted her to ride His cock and asked me to suck on and play with His nipples at the same time. Happy to please, we did as we were told. She took His cock inside her and began to fuck Him while I licked, pinched and twisted His nipples. Master moaned and closed His eyes. He had one hand on her breast and one hand on mine. Suddenly He asked her to stop and patted the bed, telling her to lay back, I was going to eat her pussy again. We got into position and He made her suck her pussy juice off His cock first before coming around to the back of me, pulled my hair and told me what a good dirty whore I was, eat that wet pussy and make her cum. He spread my legs apart more and to my slight surprise, started to push His cock inside my ass. I moaned a little and He thrust all the way in. I lapped at her clit as she rubbed her pussy against my mouth. Her thighs started to shake a bit and she moaned louder and Papa fucked my ass hard. I felt her whole body tighten up as she came against my mouth at the same time Papa thrust into my ass and grabbed my hips as His orgasm shook Him. We all sat still for a moment before collapsing on the bed, breathless and satisfied.


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