Party Animals

Master and I got invited to a private party a while back. They’re a couple I’ve talked to a few times over the last few years but since they only do these parties a couple of times a year, it never seemed to work out.  I didn’t try really either because of how they play, on rare occasions. Papa and I connected with them this time around and we ended up agreeing to go.
Friday came around finally and we were both debating on actually going. Not for a lack of interest but just that it had been a long week, I started another new job and that meant being out of contact with Papa for hours at a time because I was in training. I was missing Him very much. To add to the little contact during the day, we had the kids all week which left us little time at night. He took me out for sushi, we continued to debate on going. I wasn’t against it or anxious about it, just undecided on whether I could be social enough that night. We went home after a delicious dinner and I proposed that we move forward with getting ready while coming to a final decision. We did just that. Except for crawling into bed and messing around a bit before getting into the shower.
We got dressed and He made the final decision.  We were going so we headed out.
Once there, we found the room and knocked as we heard laughter coming from inside,  which was a good sign. Walking in, there were 5 other people already there. The initial couple whose party this was, their submissive that they play with on occasion and another couple. The first 3 I knew I was attracted to them and ready to play from the start. The other couple…they were a little older and not someone I would have preferred to play with. We were ushered in, introduced and served drinks.  It was all set up really nicely. Settling in, the host started introducing everyone and what they were into, he certainly remembered everyone and kept it all straight. Then we went around the room and shared the kinkiest things we are into. I was at the end and by the time it came around to me, I shared and then the older lady asked if I would bare my breasts for everyone. Eh….why not? I took off my blouse and bra. That was definitely a first for me. I can be pretty shy in a group setting like that but I did it anyway.  The hell with it…only live once!  She came over to me, asked if I was ok with her touching me and I said yes and she did. When she leaned in to kiss me, it was…..odd. at the very least. She would hold her mouth just barely above mine but wouldn’t touch and then touched her lips to mine but too gently. It was very strange.  I’m used to actual kisses. It was almost like breath play in a way. That’s how it all started….essentially a 7-person orgy broke out. Everyone took any number of clothes they were comfortable with and we all started messing around. I tried to avoid the older couple as much as I could….he tried to ask me to go in the bedroom with him but I declined. At another point he started to finger my ass but but I pulled away. I started playing with the other submissive. We kissed, took turns going down on each other, caressed. I enjoyed her very much. She was sweet and gentle and soft. But then the older lady came in the middle of us and tried to do her weird kissing thing and asked us both back into the bedroom.  Again, I declined. The opportunity to play with two women had presented itself but the fact that she said I smelled like vanilla and the other sub smelled like chocolate and she wanted to make a cake completely turned me off.  I said I needed a bit of a break and let her haul off the other sub instead.  She was certainly not the type of woman I could play with. That left Master, the beautiful hostess, her husband and me alone in the front room while the other three went into the bedroom. We played some and enjoyed each other.  The hostess was exactly my type. Tall (I really like taller women), busty, beautiful and a great kisser. She made Master cum with her mouth while I was right next to Him, I very much enjoyed watching her please Him like that. I was able to enjoy the host’s very talented mouth and cock. It was all hands and mouths. No one fucked anyone else throughout the night. They got up to see what all the noise was in the other room and I snuggled up to Master. He asked if I was ok, which I was but needing a little physical contact from Him at that moment.  We chatted a little about what had happened already and I was very honest about how I felt about the older couple. They were not a turn on for me at all. And it wasn’t even necessarily their age, it was more their personalities. At some point she had tried to spank me with a “paddle”, the paddle was cute but felt obnoxiously light. I’ve been beaten with a belt, spiked paddle, a wooden paddle and a cane multiple times.  Those “50 Shades of Grey” paddles are kids play to me at this point. And her meager attempt at trying to play rough with me did nothing for me, because she really had no idea what she was doing.
We eventually moved into the bedroom to see what was going on. The hosts had a sybian machine among tons of other toys. They had requested we bring our pump with us and that’s when I remembered we had it. Master brought it out started to play with the other sub, she had a much more ideal pussy to be pumped than mine. The older couple came in and announced they were leaving (massive relief) so we stayed. Master pumped up the sub’s pussy, her lips were puffy and engorged, very sexy. The hostess started playing with her and brought out some toys. I ended up in a chair with Master playing with my pussy with a vibrater. It was hot with all the moaning going on in the room with three on the bed and us right there. He made me cum good and hard…twice. Leaving me to rest, while the ladies were sucking the host’s cock together, He finger-fucked their pussies. The hostess had been impressed with Master’s skillful hands all night. He does do wonderful things with His hands….and like He said later, it’s nice to be validated that other women He just met feel the same way. Much like the host having to pull me off his cock earlier in the night because he didn’t want to cum that early.
After all that play, we sat around talking and laughing, had some late -night snacks and eventually headed out.  I told the hostess I don’t know how many times how beautiful she was and how attracted to her I was. I couldn’t stop touching her. It’s a shame they don’t play more often but it’s how they do their thing. Maybe they will have another get-together before we leave for Florida in July. One can hope…
The next day, Master chatted with the host and told them how good of a time we had and glad we ended up going. He also asked if no one minded, if he would give Master’s number to the sub to see if she would ever be interested in playing…..turns out she is! And we might be getting together very soon.
This was definitely an experience. I’m glad we did go afterall.


7 thoughts on “Party Animals

    1. You put the suction end on the pussy, and there is a squeeze ball on the other end of a tube that sucks all the air out. It sucks more blood into the pussy lips. It works best on women with big inner lips, not so well on women with little inner lip. It makes it all engorged and sensitive!


      1. We both find it very sexy! It’s not for everyone…but if you like it, it’s fun and kinky!


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