Settling In

We haven’t even been living on our own for a year yet but I feel like we are really settling into our D/s relationship nicely. We started out crazy….multiple sessions a week. I craved them almost as much as I crave sex. Now they happen about once a month or every other month. In the beginning, it made me sad to think they could dwindle down like that but now, it seems almost perfect. Sometimes I crave to have them a little more frequent but then I think how much I appreciate sub space and the delicate peace being beaten brings me and it’s ok. Unless Master would like to amp up the frequency, I would never say no and would welcome it. My stress level now compared to then can’t even be compared. I believe it was that and the urge to feel that closeness to Master that drove me to want our sessions so frequently.

I’ve also tried to be as diligent about my assignments as I can. I slip up on occasion but nothing huge. Now my punishments are reserved for the big fuck-ups because my day-to-day has become routine. I serve Him, I respect Him, I please Him and I do my best to make sure our home is taken care of. He shows me His appreciation, both verbally and through affection. I know if He were unhappy with me, He would pull away and not be as affectionate as He always is.

I know that our D/s relationship with go through its own cycles, will ebb and flow and change over time. Like it has already. But that’s the good thing about being mature and having more knowledge about relationships, we’re both aware of all of this and can appreciate the changes that may come. Sometimes we may not always be able to see them coming right away but we can handle it when they finally show.

Now….it has been a while since the Monster came out to play…


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