Work Work Work Work Work

This is the start of my 4th week at this job. I’m enjoying it. I don’t have to handle many clients on the phone, it’s all computer work and it’s quiet. It’s a repo company and I wasn’t sure I would like it but I do.
In the office is almost all women.  We have one man, he’s the manager of the agents and he comes and goes, depending on his day. Keeping quiet and listening, I’m learning the dynamics of the office staff. I’m quickly learning who thinks she’s the best, who is a little scatter-brained, who is easy going and who works diligently and accurately. The one who thinks she’s the best is exactly the type I’ve learned to stay away from. She is loud, opinionated, obnoxious, picky, always has to be right and so far I’ve heard her flirt with the agent manager, boss everyone around and complain about the scatter -brained one endlessly to multiple people, sounding like she is trying to get her fired. She loves being the one other people depend on for a multitude of things and makes it known when she has accomplished any task. She is thin, pretty, has gotten the butt-wiggle walk down and knows how to whine and manipulate. I know her type and I avoid her like the plague.
So far, if we weren’t moving, I would stay here.  It’s an interesting business, I have been able to expand on things I already know which means I’m picking up usable knowledge and experience for future employment. I feel guilty that after all the time and training they are putting into me, I’m going to up and quit in a few months….but really, it’s just business. I needed to work until we move.  In this society, who doesn’t use and take from others for their own gain? Especially businesses. And my family is my business, my responsibility to take care of them.


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