Too many times I’ve tried to work through things on my own. Too many times Papa has seen this very struggle in my eyes. Too many times I’ve said I was fine when I wasn’t. Too many times He’s reached out to me and told me to let Him help me. I’m trying….I’m learning…but it’s so hard for me….I’m  working on it..


5 thoughts on “Burdens

    1. I did it again last night….wouldn’t open up and I ended up not being able to sleep until the early hours of the morning. Then I was almost late for work because I broke down crying in His arms this morning. Will I ever learn?? I just feel better when I open up and let Him in versus building that stupid wall and insisting I will handle it on my own.. :-/

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      1. but as i said, its so hard sometimes finding the right words to let it out…. you start and you know it not really what you wanted to say …. but i am so so glad that you did – in the end xxx

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      2. sweet girl – you know that if you ever want to talk… i am just words away xxx i know its not the same – but it might help x

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  1. I appreciate that, I really do! I know you would always give me time and attention and that means worlds to me! You’re sweet beyond words.

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