Spawn-tacular Update

She is just over three months old now and her little tiny existence is creating a little bit of a ruckus. It isn’t her fault, at all. She’s an innocent little life that those around us are becoming concerned about.
Stripe is a hard core believer in breastfeeding, to such an extent that she thinks not breastfeeding, or inability to do so, is a failure. Therefore, of course, she’s breastfeeding the little Spawn. But there’s something amiss because this poor little child has barely put on a pound since her birth. She’s still in newborn clothes and evidently her skin is starting to bunch a little as she is growing but not putting on enough weight. My parents have expressed concern, as has my sister who briefly visited. Master’s father asked Stripe why the babe is so small and her answer was it’s the pediatrician’s fault and they are finding a new one immediately. This poor little baby has been labeled “failure to thrive” because of her weight and has been to a specialist who told Stripe she needs to supplement with a bottle. Stripe refuses because that would mean she has failed as a mother. Even Stripe’s own mother is concerned, she mentioned to Master’s father she might say something to Red about giving the baby a bottle. Master has told me it’s a touchy subject with Stripe, so touchy that it was quite the heated discussion between them when they were married and their second was labeled as a failure to thrive and Master approved giving him a bottle as a baby. From my perspective, with Stripe being so concerned about failing as a mother, she’s doing just that by refusing to do what could be best for their child because of her personal convictions about breastfeeding.
Master and I discussed it yesterday and I brought up maybe saying something to Red about it. He didn’t say I couldn’t but that I need to think about the two possible outcomes. Either Red will tell me to mind my own business and shut me down or he will open up and talk to me about it, possibly putting me in an awkward position of having to act like a friend to him in his time of angst. It mostly depends on his mood. But at the end of the day, yes I call her the Spawn and it still can be a twinge for me on occasion, but it’s an innocent little life that looks like she isn’t being properly taken care of because of this woman’s arrogance and stubbornness. It’s sad and makes me sad. But is it my responsibility? They’re the parents..


15 thoughts on “Spawn-tacular Update

  1. …my little one was tiny… each weigh in she weighted less. I could only feed on left breast as right boobie had been badly damaged many years ago.

    she rarely fed – never cried. oh she was such a tiny thing. she wore new born cloths till she was 6 months. it was not until she was a year and a half and me finally blowing as gasket that they took me seriously in my worry. it turned out she was very seriously ill with a major iron defency.

    my little one had a little boob and a little bottle …

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      1. she is perfect – 15 almost 16. she is the smallest in her year, and the oldest… it used to bother her because she also has a lisp – and everyone thought, say when she was six that she was about 3 or 4….

        now she is a gloriously fiesty creature – but gentle and kind through her very soul. i adore her . –

        in grown ups – iron problems cause us to sleep – but in babies and children – it removes their hunger – they stop eating. she never put anything and i mean anything in her mouth – only her two fingers. she never dribbled. – at one point she was only eating ever 4 or five days –

        i am a single mother and i knew there was somethign wrong but i could not get anyone to listen – until i lost my temper – then they sat up…. there is a note on our records – that if i am worried about something – that they pay attention to me..

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      2. As far as I understand it, their little one is always feeding so it doesn’t sound like the same symptoms yours had.

        So glad she turned out so well! Your daughter is adorable! Thank you for sharing that with me!!!


      3. thank you my lovely – she is truely a gift from God –

        it is so sad that we live in world whereby a fews view on breatfeeding can so badly damage anothers heart on the matter. Neither is best – what is best is what works and thats all that matters – xxx

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      4. I totally agree with you on that! When it comes to the welfare of a child, you drop your convictions and do what that child needs….that’s what makes a good mother. Each child is different and has different needs so we adapt.


  2. That’s crazy. Some women just don’t produce enough milk, it’s a fact of life. I was one of those women. There’s no reason she couldn’t still breastfeed and supplement with formula. That’s what I had to do when my boys didn’t regain their birth weight after a couple of weeks. That way they still get the benefits of the breastmilk and the nutrients their bodies need to grow.

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    1. Exactly! And this being her 3rd child it’s becoming obvious she just doesn’t produce enough or have enough fat in her breast milk. You’re right, there’s no reason…..except her own arrogance and fear that she believes giving her child formula, even just as a supplement means she has failed as a mother.

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    1. I did…I said something to Red and his narcissism shone bright in his answer. He said she WAS on the low weight concern but now she’s rapidly catching up and that she is early in all her infant milestones so far. In other words, how dare someone think his child is less than perfect. Because it’s his and a reflection of him. Master has said something to Stripe, I mentioned the concern about her weight to Red….now it’s up to them.


  3. You could call DSS. They could force her to give a bottle by threatening to take the child away. I know it’s harsh but sometimes that’s what people need in order to do what’s best. 🙂

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