No Rest for the Wicked

It was certainly a busy weekend!

Friday night I asked Papa to hang out at home and I wanted my hair dyed again. This time, two-tone. Papa has been doing my hair since we moved into the other house. He’s very good at it. When I’ve gotten it cut, the stylists comment about how even the color is and what a good job He does. This time I had a project for Him. My two favorite colors, red & black. The bottom and underneath black and the top red. So on the way home, I stopped and got my dyes along with a cap and a comb. Papa made delicious dinner first and as we settled in, I reminded Him we had a long night of dying to do so we started. In all, it took about 2 1/2 hours and it turned out beautiful. As always, He did a wonderful job even if this was something He had never done before. I’m very happy with it. Shortly before we turned in for the night, we had another amazing 69 session, much needed as we have both been beyond horny lately.

Saturday we rolled around in bed for a while before finally getting up. The house was in dire need of some attention so we cleaned. Papa took on the daunting job of vacuuming and emptying the trash, which are His chores. I picked up, put things away, cleaned the bathrooms, swept the stairs and dusted. Because we keep the house and kitchen pretty neat on average, it doesn’t take us long to clean our house. We are both very content with that seeing as our exes were not good housekeepers at all and we enjoy a clean home. Shortly after, a playmate we recently acquired let us know she was home from work and wanted some playtime. Because she got called into work, she wasn’t able to come earlier. After we cleaned ourselves up, she came over and we all enjoyed each other’s company. A lot. It was a very tasty afternoon treat. At one point, I came up for a second and Master started playing with her pussy but I wasn’t done so I swatted His hand away and continued doing my thing. Poor Papa didn’t get to taste any pussy that afternoon, I hogged it all to myself. But considering He got to fuck us both, I don’t think He was all that disappointed.

We couldn’t stay and chat afterwards for long seeing as we had a grad party to go to. One of Papa’s classmates recently defended her dissertation and was throwing a party in celebration. So we headed out to her house not expecting to stay as long as we did. Because I have already met most of the people who were there, it was actually more fun for me this time. To add to that, I met a few new people that I got along with really well. Papa even left me alone to chat on my own and I was fine. Sometimes in those situations, I need Him to stick close by but this time I didn’t. After 2 vodka & lemonades and a glass of champagne, I was sparkly and definitely enjoying the company. Before we knew it, it was 8 and time to head out. I had planned a dinner that night with a girl from high school that I have still kept in contact with. She was bringing her new boyfriend on a double date. Like I said, we were not expecting to stay for four hours at the party and thought we would have time to chill at home but that didn’t happen! We headed downtown to meet the other couple.

It was fun to catch up and gossip a little about the people from high school. Her new beau is funny and easy to get along with. We had dinner and more drinks then headed down Fremont Street for the entertainment. We chatted and people-watched for a while before heading back. Seeing as it was almost 11, we said our goodnights and headed home, promising that we should get all the kids together before Papa and I leave for Florida. Once we crawled into bed, we both passed out pretty quick. Papa had mentioned maybe watching a little show before going into the bedroom but I knew we were both down for the count. As soon as our heads hit the pillow, we were lights out.

Sunday we got up and got ready for a bike ride. Papa routed out a 4-hour ride to Hoover Dam then down to Bullhead City and Laughlin and home. About 270 miles total. It was beautiful, unseasonable cool. The sun was warm and the air was very nice. Some blasts of hot and some cold but for the most part, beautiful. I love the rides with Papa, we get to explore and I get to cuddle up on Him riding behind Him. We stopped in Bullhead City for lunch. The Colorado River was very blue and there were a lot of people out playing in the water and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Despite having put on sunscreen twice (once at home before we left and again when we stopped to eat) I ended up with some red again. I have fair skin so it doesn’t take much. I think I’m going to have to find SPF 100 and invest in it and see if that works because 50 isn’t holding out. The worst is I wore my jeans that have some holes in them and one above the knee….I have a big red circle on my left leg. It hurts too!  It’s swollen a little. My arms are a little uncomfortable but tolerable. The worst is the part on my leg. It’s comical actually. When we came home, both of us crashed into bed for about an house before I drug myself out and into the shower because we weren’t done yet…

We had started talking to a man last week. He’s polyamorous, has been for quite some time. I let him know upfront that yes, we have poly backgrounds but we were definitely not looking to take that on considering how our marriages ended up. He understood it was just play and after some chatting, we decided to meet him. He came over later that night. We ended up chatting about our prior situation, he is actually a poly counselor having been in the life for so long. I found that interesting. Friendly, funny, chatty and flirty, just like us, we got along just fine and ended up in the bedroom.

Papa started exploring His sexuality a little in the midst of our playing.  Comically, we really have not been able to find a good bi male playmate. Well, we have found plenty but either they have been not a good fit for us or flakes. As soon as I start to try to get one to come meet us, they back away quickly. Perhaps a lot of them enjoy the chatting (jerking off to it probably) more than meeting. This one was different. He was interested in us, we liked him and decided to pursue it. So he came over. We chatted a bit and just when that seemed to wind down a little, we headed into the bedroom. I slipped into the bathroom real quick and when I came out, on the bed was Papa, laying back while getting His cock sucked by our new friend. It was a nice sight. I climbed up on the bed and started kissing Papa and playing with His nipples. He must  know how to suck cock well because Master was certainly enjoying Himself, I could tell by the moans and body twitches. Our friend switched it up and pulled me to the edge of the bed as Papa got up and slid His cock into my mouth while my pussy got worked over nicely. Just like in 69, a combination of having a cock in my mouth, my nipples being played with and a tongue in my pussy sends me over the edge pretty quickly. We switched up positions and Papa ended up sucking cock. Seemed as if our visitor enjoyed it because he complimented on Master’s skills. This wasn’t the first time He’s had a cock in His mouth but I always figured it wouldn’t be a problem for Him. Papa has a very talented mouth anyway. The play was slow and sensual, no one rushed, it seemed to come easy to each of us. At the end, he made Master cum in his mouth while I kissed Him so the night came around full circle. I really enjoyed seeing Papa cum like that. It was nice to see Him be comfortable and cum as easily as He did. Sometimes it isn’t so easy in a group setting. I could tell our friend wanted to play some more but we really needed to start winding down the night and get to bed. We said our good nights and he headed home.

Papa and I settled in together, watched a show and snuggled on the couch. Then snuggled some more in the bedroom. I was feeling a little possessive having had two play dates so close like that. We started messing around a little until He fucked me again. I needed that intimacy with Him and He obliged. After, we cuddled up and went to sleep.

It was certainly a busy weekend!



Too Emotional

The risk of having two emotional and sensitive people in a relationship reared its ugly head over the weekend.

Between the dissertation, lack of sleep and Papa feeling under the weather, He was a bit cranky. Add to that, it’s the middle of the month for me. To sum it all up, it was a rough couple of days.

I had a complete meltdown on Thursday night. A very black depression swept over me, one I hadn’t felt in a long time. I don’t think Papa knew what to do with me. I didn’t know what to do with me. I just felt….useless and worthless. I was my own worse judge inside my head and I knew it. But I couldn’t stop it. I tore myself to shreds mentally until I finally broke down and cried until I fell asleep.

The next morning was a new day. I felt the darkness shackled to my ankle and I was dragging the black ball with me but I felt a lot more like myself. I had the kids to myself that night because Papa had to go to a going-away party for His dad. It sucked I couldn’t go but I enjoyed having the kids at the same time. They were in bed when He came home. We hung out for a bit and then headed to bed.

Saturday was the worst. I had to take the girls to the dentist and met Red there. There was a bit of tension between Papa and me or at least I felt like I was walking on egg shells a bit. I could feel Him not being happy that I was meeting Red. I wasn’t happy about it but having kids together, sometimes it has to be done.

My sensitivity had not gone away. Papa was still not feeling great. I was leaving Him to meet up with Red. Somehow Papa and I ended up in a disagreement, mostly a huge miscommunication…it just became a recipe for disaster. To top it off, we had had no time together. Thursday was dinner at His dad’s for the grad students, Friday another dinner and Saturday we went back to His dad’s for a family dinner with the kids. No doubt Papa was feeling as disconnected from me as I was from Him. We just couldn’t seem to get back in line. After we got home and kids were in bed, He asked me to get Him some cough medicine and something to help Him sleep. I went way out of my way just to drive and let some of my music drown out my frustrations. It helped, a little. I wasn’t mad at Him,  but definitely frustrated. I didn’t know how to handle my mood. I didn’t know how to handle His mood. He went to bed and I refused to go with Him.  I wasn’t tired and certainly not interested in rolling around in the dark another night. That didn’t go over well. He came wandering out about 40 minutes later, mad at me. I didn’t hug or kiss Him goodnight or anything. Sometimes I have a bad  habit of backing into an emotional corner and like a wounded animal, I will snap and bite at you if you come near. I apologized and I meant it. We went to bed where we cuddled and talked. He wiped my tears away. The tension seemed to be melting. Somehow we both driftd off to sleep…

…And woke the next day feeling much, much better. More back to ourselves and connected with each other. We dropped the kids off, dealt with a minor kid disaster (one of the girls got a bead stuck up her nose) and took off on the bike. To get a little bit out of the heat, we went to Mt. Charleston, had lunch at the lodge and drove back down through Lee Canyon. We stopped to take a picture outside of the ski lodge where there was still a little bit of snow on the ground then headed home. We made love, took a shower together, watched shows, had some dinner, watched some more shows, started a movie, ended up messing around again and then went back and finished the movie. It was what we needed to reconnect and find each other again.




Magical Number

It’s no secret both Papa and I love oral sex. Giving and receiving. Probably even a pinch more than intercourse. So the fact that we rarely got into thethO1JAXEEB  position is surprising. Until lately. We have been enjoying it more and more. I love the feel of His cock sliding so easily down my throat as His tongue expertly works over my pussy. And an even bigger bonus is when Papa plays with my nipples at the same time. Put those three things together and it doesn’t take long to send me over the blissful edge. Shortly after He will explode in my mouth, then we’ll lay back a little out of breath and completely satisfied. Just magical..

Subtle Submission

Papa mentioned the other day that our D/s relationship has become more subtle lately and I said maybe it’s because I’ve fallen into my submissive place. I know where I belong and who I belong to and He doesn’t have to correct me or monitor me so closely because my protocols are becoming more second nature to me now. He agreed that this is probably so.

I know where Papa is coming from. I follow my assignments and protocols as best as I can, I’m not perfect, but I feel like I’m doing a fairly decent job. Our house, family and marriage seem to be running smoothly. Which also means less needs to be said and we both somewhat take it for granted. It’s easy to do that when it’s working and only really notice if it’s not. I feel it, I asked Papa if we could do a session soon. Even if it’s just an over-the-knee spanking. He agreed. It’s hard finding the balance of when you want more and knowing your Master cannot give it to you at the moment because of circumstances or life’s demands. I fully understand it takes a lot for Him to be my Papa. I’m another responsibility, even if just emotionally. I need love and attention and sometimes guidance. I hope that by taking the menial responsibilities of the home I help Him focus better on being my Papa Dom rather than just Husband. Although He did mention that the laundry responsibilities will be changing a little bit because I don’t always keep up as well as He would like. He washes and dries, I fold and put away. Master is more mindful about keeping up with things like that than I am. There’s one part where I’m not perfect but Papa proposed to modify the responsibility in order to keep me more more in line and Him happy. One thing I love about Him, instead of getting upset or reprimanding me, He recognizes I’m trying but if He still doesn’t like the result, He will compromise and find another solution to make it work. I appreciate that about Him more than He probably knows.

I told Him I had been thinking about another protocol I thought I would like to try. I asked if He would consider dressing me any number of days He could handle, work or weekend days. I fully expected Him to say what He did, which was I have to organize my closet first. There was no way He would do it with the state it’s in now. It’s not messy (well, at least by MY standards) but everything is all mixed together. He wants separated by types of clothes and then seasons. ::sigh:: I’ll have to start working on that.

We talked about the remainder of the year and how it will affect us. We have some interesting things ahead of us. The move, settling in in a whole new state, not just a house, whether our counterparts will be moving at the same time and/or how long before they move or settle in to their own place. Depending on our living situation, I might or might not be looking for work again or having all 5 on my own while Papa works. If I end up being the SAHM, I’ll be taking on shuttling 5 kids back and forth to school along with all the responsibilities at home. Whether we will or can re-establish protocols during all the chaos will remain to be seen. I’d like to try and certainly would put my best effort in.

How this lifestyle ebbs and flows is very much like sex. It starts out hot and heavy and you cannot get enough of each other. When you start to realize the other one isn’t going anywhere, you fall into a more regular pattern. Then as life and responsibility pushes its way in, sometimes it takes a back seat. Then you wake up one day and realize you haven’t been beaten in so long that your soul is aching for the release. You know the Monster will want out soon enough. Sometimes you just have to wait for the Master to get over His own humps as well.