Each day I’m at work, I’m anxious for the day to go by. I’m in a waiting period right now in our lives. I’m on an internal countdown waiting…waiting…waiting for each week to pass. I almost feel like I’m holding my breath.

It’s been nearly a year since Master and I moved out of the giant disaster we called our poly house. I can’t believe it’s been nearly that long. The time….where did it go? But now here I am…waiting for these couple of months to pass, feeling like they’re going to take forever. No, they are taking forever. I’m giddy with excitement at the chance to live in a new place, continue my life with Papa, see our children grow and blossom into the beautiful people I know they will become. But at the moment….waiting…still just waiting…..at the waiting place.


5 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. it will seem like forever, and then all of a sudden, tomorrow will finally arrive and you will be running around like a luntic…. so exciting my lovely and so deserved by you all – so much love – me x

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    1. I’m anxious for the frantic lunacy to start! It’s a new adventure for me! Master has moved around the country multiple times, this will be my first so I’m super excited to be doing this with Him! Thank you Miss Agatha!

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    1. There’s so much going on….no way I can forget! We have my birthday this month, a big birthday bash with one of Papa’s friends from FL planned for her birthday and mine, plus a Manson concert in June…and of course…our occasional play! So much going on!

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