Since we have been slightly emotional lately, sex was taking a back seat for a couple of days. We have calmed down of late, probably more like 3-4 times a week instead of the 7+ rate we were at. Papa sometimes worries that I won’t be satisfied but really, that’s perfect for me! Just when I’m getting really horny and starting to itch a little, He takes good care of me and all is right with the world again.

I came home Wednesday right at that itchy point but worried about Papa at the same time. I crawled in bed and snuggled with Him for a little bit. Once He guided my hand down to His cock, I knew He was better and good to go. We had some dinner, did a little bit of laundry, watched a couple of shows before I asked Him if He wanted to go into the bedroom again. He agreed and we went back. He cuddled up to my pillow so I kissed Him on the neck, back, rubbed His ass, bit Him a little all over. His noises said He was enjoying the attention. Papa rolled onto His back and I took total advantage of Him. I was really only going to tease Him a bit when I climbed on top and His cock started to slip inside me. I really wanted to go down on Him. But Papa adjusted me so that He was fully inside. He felt amazing….so amazing that I came within a minute or two. Master even said He had not known me to cum so fast like that, that I must have been really horny. I was, I won’t lie. Add to that that it felt so good to just take what I wanted from Him. He asked me at that moment if I wanted Him to take over. I didn’t. I wanted to make Him cum as good as I did. I succeeded. Within minutes, it was all done. Master joked that I used Him to cum. I certainly did enjoy Him playing with my nipples and riding His cock. But it isn’t like I climbed off Him and let Him finish either with me or alone. I made sure He was just as satisfied as I was.



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