The Red Games

I actually did see Red at the drop off on Sunday. When he opened the door to let the kids in, I couldn’t believe it. He was friendly enough but again, another excuse. Stripe was upstairs sleeping with the baby and apparently they had been sick. It’s possible. Papa wasn’t great all weekend either. So of course, his list of “concerns” took a backseat to sleeping and trying to get better. I told him he could just text it to me, his reply was he wanted it down on paper. I said text it to me and I will transpose it onto paper. “Ok, that’s a good idea”. It’s Tuesday and I have not received anything, including no response to yesterday’s inquiry regarding his “co-parenting” list. Papa, my mom and I have been beating the dead horse about what he’s thinking, what he’s doing, what’s going to happen, how are we going to get the kids to Florida, etc. for the last week. I believe he’s stalling so that we won’t be able to make plane reservations and the reason could be as simple as I’m asking so he is passively/aggressively not granting my request. Typical Red, typical narc.

Papa had mentioned (kind of jokingly) that my mom could drive down with us and the girls. We could all take turns driving the truck and our car, rotating the girls so that each one gets a turn in the truck, etc. We joked about it probably not being a good idea to sit Papa and Nana in the truck together. Yesterday, after Papa got home, my mom called and said her and my father had been talking while they were at dinner about this whole situation and she said, “Why don’t I just ride with you, Papa and the girls?” I immediately looked at Papa and said I couldn’t believe it because we were almost joking about it the day before, to which she said it’s no joke. It’ll be a memorable experience for the girls, we’ll have an extra adult with us to help with them and help drive. Why not? Not saying the plane ride idea is completely out the window but mostly. Red is most likely not going to give my mom the permission she needs to take them, at least not until he knows it’s too late. It could all change but that’s the plan right now. We’re back in control of the situation – without Red being the wiser. I am backing off completely and not mentioning anything to him anymore. I told him we are for sure taking off on the 21st, he’s in the know. He’s signed releasing the girls as of July 1st. I’ve done my due diligence. He knows there’s only two ways to get the girls to Florida. By plane or by car. Since he’s making the plane issue so difficult, they will be going by car with us. Done. Problem solved.


3 thoughts on “The Red Games

  1. excellent … it was full of fun and adventure xxx I remember as a child, we lived in Washington DC and ever summer used to drive to maine. there is an island called swans island and we had a house there… glorious glorious summers as an English child. I loved the drive, cat sleeping on the dashow board and staying in a American motels …. it was awesome.

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    1. That’s encouraging! My littlest ones probably won’t remember much if anything but the older one will and I hope we can make some good memories out of it for all of us

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      1. I am absolutely sure you will … and maybe littlest one won’t really remember but there will be stories and memories to be told and those littlest one will grow up with and remember x

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