I saw this and immediately thought of our fucked up, dysfunctional, twisted, blended poly family.  On occasion, the thought crosses my mind of what are our kids going to say and think someday? Which will be hyper-critical of what we did and how we raised them? Which one will be accepting, which one angry? Maybe even unforgiving? Maybe none of them will throw it back in our faces. It will be interesting. Kids are judgemental of their parents at some point, thinking they know best and we were the stupid or insane ones. As parents, all we can do is hold onto that we tried our best and made the choices we thought would be in everyone’s best interests. 


7 thoughts on “Dysfunctional

  1. Babygirl… at least we knew and know what we did was nuts! In the end, I’m not here to be their friend, but their parent. We did what we needed to do to be better people, better parents, more fulfilled. I think the trick is not to try to convince them that they we were right, but that we did the best we could. Apologize if it hurt them, but live without regret. Show them everyday this is what was best.

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  2. Our boys are 23 and 16. We have taught them to believe in themselves, there are no perfect people (except us, of course 😄), failure is perfectly okay if you learn from it, always be kind, forgive but don’t forget, don’t buy in to people’s bullshit, drama isn’t worth it, we are your parents but we are really your best friends who will always be truthful no matter how much it hurts because we will never leave or reject you for what you believe or who you are. We just want our boys to be happy and healthy, like all parents. Like you! Good luck!

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  3. I have been following with Red and Stripe, is it? At any rate, they are both toxic for the children for what I can gather. I have worked with children in broken homes, not to mention I’m from a broken home. And I have to say, you are very graceful in your handling. Mad props to you! You seriously deserve mom of the year in my opinion.

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    1. Thank you! That’s a very encouraging comment! He more than her, is toxic. I won’t ever say he doesn’t love the kids, as much as a narc can love anyway. But it makes me said that he won’t be able to teach the kids any good life or people skills, how to function basically. How can one teach something when they can’t even do the same for themselves? All Papa and I can do is be consistently there for the kids and give them everything we can to prepare them for life. I really appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts! baby doll


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