Rewards & Punishments

I brought up that I have read some Doms have a reward system in place for their littles and not just punishments.  Papa asked that I propose 5 rewards (only 1 being sexual in nature). Since I have fully embraced my little, I thought I would also propose 5 alternative punishments to earning spankings like we have been doing so far.

1. A new stuffie of Papa’s choosing
2. Movie night with Papa cuddles
3. Romantic date night with special dinner prepared by Papa
4. New purse or article of clothing (spending limit set by Papa)
5. Permission to masturbate

1. No electronics for the night
2. Time alone in my room (amount determined by Papa)
3. Ball gag worn for an amount of time (especially effective for sassy or disrespectful mouthing off)
4. No dessert/sweets/sodas for an amount of time determined by Papa
5. Wear an anal plug all day

Those are my proposals. I’ll be interested to see if any or all of them will be implemented.


7 thoughts on “Rewards & Punishments

      1. So the question is….if you enjoy your spankings, they really aren’t a punishment. Having a punishment and reward system will help you grow and follow your protocols.


      2. Hm I disagree. Spankings do get me to change my behaviour.
        We are not really doing this because of some fetish or something but because I am kind of naiv and childish in nature. So I don’t really feel like complicating things artificially. I’m more like a grown up with childish or juvenile character traits. We act more naturally, maybe a bit like a real father and child. We don’t have fix protocols or some sort of training. My boyfriend is just by my side and helps me along the way

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