Weekend Away – Part II

Once in the car, Papa and I started discussing our D/s stuff. Protocols, assignments, sessions, spankings, etc. In the beginning, we had so many sessions because of the anxiety and the tension of the insane poly mess we were all involved in. I needed the release from the pain I was in. The sessions and the aftercare brought Papa and I very close very quickly. I craved that intensity and closeness with Him. Papa also needed the release from beating me, letting go of the tension. Over the last year and a half, so much has settled down that neither of us really need sessions that often. Obviously, because we have slowed considerably. Now that the divorces are past, the kids are moving along with the ex’s, Papa’s dissertation is done, so much of the tension has dissipated and neither of us really need that level of a release. The masochist in me enjoys them, the pain and sub space afterwards, but really NEEDING them? I don’t have those cravings like I used to. We discussed about going back to more of the kink instead. Over-the-knee spankings, getting tied up and flogged, things of those nature. Papa said because the sessions provide that release and the aftercare is to bring me out of sub space, now sessions are entirely up to me. If I need or want one, ask and He would be more than happy to oblige. I agreed. That was the first protocol out of the way.

Papa asked that I get out my notebook and go through the remaining protocols and assignments. I read each one, we left some the same and added a few new things to others. On other occasions Papa has said that because I am pretty well behaved, He doesn’t come down on me for the little things. I asked that He would start doing that now that I have become accustomed to the rules. He said He would. We will be incorporating the rewads & punishments as requested by me. I asked for a stricter Papa and that’s exactly what I got.

By Monday night, I had earned five already for various little infractions. Once I was home and settled in, Papa instructed me to get out Oakey and stand at the edge of the bed. We were going back to me counting down each swat as they landed on my ass, no ball gag anymore. Oakey is a vicious devil of a paddle and it had been so long since my ass was blessed with its presence, by number 4 I was crying. Papa was going to let me off at 4 but I said I could take the fifth one so He gave me the final strike before bringing me up to the bed with Him. The edges darkened a bit before the blackness drifted back away and we started messing around. A hard spanking, a couple of minutes of cuddles and an intense orgasm was the perfect end to the night.

I’m looking forward to stricter Papa and more frequent spankings as foreplay rather than the intense sessions we were doing. As we change and our needs change, so does our PD/bg relationship. I cannot imagine living any other way. It’s come so naturally to me and I feel more at peace now having embraced the little in me, being protected, guided and loved by this amazing man whom I’m thankful for every day.



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