It’s hard to live this life in semi-secret and not catch a little bit of judgment from people who don’t know or understand. We aren’t obvious in our lifestyle but it’s hard to keep it completely hidden too. I call Him Papa all the time and do not call Him by His first name very often. I wonder in my head sometimes if anyone really notices or just dismisses it because, well….it’s me. I’m a little strange and a little goofy so those who know me might just wave it off as one of my quirks. Other times I’ve heard that Papa is controlling or controlling over me. I don’t deny it but inside I know they probably question why I put up with it when I know the truth behind it is I’m His little/sub and I LIKE it this way. I WANT it this way. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The trust, the bond and the communication needed to carry this sort of relationship is beautiful. It shouldn’t be judged for its uniqueness but celebrated for it instead.



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