I read an article this morning about a woman who suspected her husband of cheating. She went to her best friend at the time upset and worried that it was true. The best friend made her feel a bit foolish by telling this woman that she had nothing to worry about, her husband wasn’t cheating, he wouldn’t do that. Soon after, the husband asked for a divorce. The woman was devastated, felt her world had fallen apart and didn’t know what to think or do. The day after, she found out her husband had indeed been sleeping with someone else. This other person? Her best friend, who had made her feel foolish for thinking the husband was with someone else, had been sneaking around with the husband. The woman confronted her best friend and had a panic attack. All she could muster was telling her she was a bad person. The best friend had broken up her marriage, the one other person in her life she thought she could trust. Now both of them had betrayed her with each other. The husband and wife divorce. The now-ex-best friend and ex-husband remain together and eventually marry. The woman finds a new friend, someone to comfort her in her hours of darkness and need. The new friend… of her former best friend. Eventually that comfort turned into something more and the two began dating and later married.

This woman? Shania Twain. Her and her ex-bestie swapped husbands. Though they walked down their path differently than we all did ours, in the end the four of them are tied together like the four of us.


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