The Insanity of It All

I’ve been a little absent lately and neglecting my blog a bit. I need to make up for that. It has not been intentional, I’ve been insanely busy!

We are 10 days out from leaving and found out yesterday that Red has successfully transfered to Florida. His start date is August 1st. This is good news but it’s also crazy news. That means they have to be down there in 2 weeks, come hell or high water, he has to start work. Neither Red nor Stripe have started doing anything about packing or cleaning out their house or securing a truck. Their house is a disaster and the garage is piled high with junk from both our old houses and the furniture they have neglected to get rid of since Stripe’s mother decided it was a good idea to buy them a new family room and dining set (what the fuck was she thinking, none of us can figure out why she would buy all this new furniture 6 months before they would move across the country!). I talked briefly to Red and he expressed being very stressed out. Papa talked to Stripe and it’s the same there. I can only imagine.  Though neither of them have come out and said it, I’m sure they’re thankful that the kids are taken care of.  We have been busy getting shot records and check ups done to prepare for school.  We also had to apply for eligibility for the little ones to attend the pre-school program AND secure spots at a local school for them. It’s been nuts and a lot of electronic leg work. Papa and I have been working to make sure we have everything ready. On top of that, we had three vehicles to deal with. A car, the kid’s van and the bike. The lease was up on the car so Papa turned it in last week after getting that one and the van completely detailed inside and out. We sold the bike (took over a week) and put the van up for sale thinking it might take that long or longer for it to sell.  I put on the ads that it was available on 7/19. We sold it the same weekend I put the ads out to the first couple who came to look at it.  There were half a dozen inquiries within less than a day. The couple was nervous about actually getting it on the day I said in the ad so Papa said throw an extra bit of cash on the offer and it’s theirs that day.  They agreed and drove off with the van. We made nearly full asking price which puts us both at ease for finding another kid vehicle once we are down there. So we are down to one remaining vehicle and we cannot transport all the kids together but my parents have graciously lent us one of their cars and my mom has offered to help if we need it. Stripe has also agreed to help with additional drop offs and such. She made the snarky comment that she doesn’t have a choice but went ahead with it anyway. Such an attitude that woman has sometimes!

Papa has had the kids this week since this is my last week of work and despite being stuck in the house except for going for a walk around our complex, they have behaved really well. This weekend will be our big packing weekend. I’m done with work and the kids will be at the other house giving us that freedom to get our place done. Papa offered Stripe extra days next week before we leave off with the kids and she said she would check with Red. They will be down there a few days after us, they have to be…

The last couple of moves I’ve done with Red, including the one into the big poly house, once he’s done the big stuff, he’s done. He has left the remaining work to be done by someone else. When I had the twins and we were moving from a 2 bedroom apartment into the house before the poly disaster, my parents had to finish up the apartment. We had a lot of little things left and it needed to be cleaned. I was in the hospital and had a c-section. My parents worked hard to get it done. The last move, he did the 2 days of all the furniture and left the cleaning and painting to (again) my parents, Jet and me. It’s a possibility that he will leave Stripe to do the house by herself with their baby and take off to Florida. How she will handle that, I don’t know. His reasoning behind it will be he has to work and if they don’t have everything together and ready (which really, they CAN do it if they get off their lazy butts and MOVE) by the time he has to go, he will bail on her. It’s his pattern, he just can’t deal with cleaning up his own mess. He is a hurricane. But wait…it gets even better!  The day before yesterday he got into an accident and their car they need to take with them is wrecked. And their kid vehicle cannot make it across the country (they are estimating so they need to sell it before they go, another task on their long list). A funny little fact about the car that’s in the shop, it’s a manual transmission and Stripe can’t drive it. The last I heard he tried to teach her but she isn’t comfortable driving in traffic. Hopefully the car gets fixed and ready to go before they leave or else she will have to hitch it to the truck and could be driving across the country by herself with a baby. Their other issue is housing, she has told my dad and Papa both that they will be in a studio once they’re down there until they can find a house. Being in a studio means they will not be taking the kids overnight, during the day, sure but the kiddos will be spending all their nights with us until those two get into a house and find another vehicle capable of transporting their SIX kids. Red and Stripe have a long, hard road ahead of them in the next couple of months.

In between the drama, work and preparing for the move I have also been selling things for my mom for a commission. I’m not making a ton but some extra spending money. I have been doing all this online. I post the ads, talk to people and set up the appointments and she has them over to the house to pick up the items. Mom is preparing for moving as well and not taking most of her things. A lot of their furniture was my grandmother’s and they kept it out of respect for GG but she’s ready to be rid of it and find her own furniture.

Now you can see why the blog has suffered slightly but I’m making up for it today! It’s been crazy and it’s only about to get worse before we leave…in 10 days…

So excited!


What Littles Want 

I’m not quite that little little. Since I’ve gauged at about young teen age, I am somewhat independent and not as babyish but I do have those moments too. I certainly need the attention and pampering. 

Thank you Papa for providing all the love, care and attention that you do! 


I took my punishment of five on Monday night and I’m already up to three again. Boy…when I asked for a stricter Papa, I got it. Not complaining, Papa! Just an observation. I may humph at you and whine a bit, but really, I appreciate it. It’ll help me be the wife and submissive I want to be and I know you want.

Papa also generously gave me an over-the-knee spanking the other night as some foreplay. My ass was slightly tender from Monday’s punishment so I felt every spank from Papa’s hands a little more intensely. I enjoy these spankings a lot, laying across His lap while He holds me down with one hand and spanks me with the other. It satisfies both my inner submissive and little whereas I’m getting a nice spanking and laying across His lap like a little girl getting punished makes my little squeal with delight on the inside.

Let’s see what the weekend will bring. Will I earn any more spankings or will I be a good girl and remember all my assignments and protocols? Only time will tell…