I took my punishment of five on Monday night and I’m already up to three again. Boy…when I asked for a stricter Papa, I got it. Not complaining, Papa! Just an observation. I may humph at you and whine a bit, but really, I appreciate it. It’ll help me be the wife and submissive I want to be and I know you want.

Papa also generously gave me an over-the-knee spanking the other night as some foreplay. My ass was slightly tender from Monday’s punishment so I felt every spank from Papa’s hands a little more intensely. I enjoy these spankings a lot, laying across His lap while He holds me down with one hand and spanks me with the other. It satisfies both my inner submissive and little whereas I’m getting a nice spanking and laying across His lap like a little girl getting punished makes my little squeal with delight on the inside.

Let’s see what the weekend will bring. Will I earn any more spankings or will I be a good girl and remember all my assignments and protocols? Only time will tell…



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