Settling In

The first week of school is over with. We survived. I survived. It was questionable for a couple of days. Not entirely sure if it was because the kids went to school and Papa went to work or if it finally hit me that I’ve moved away from everything I knew or all of the above. It also could have been a little hormonal. Thank goodness for a patient and caring Papa who took the time to take care of me, calm me down and hold me when I needed it. I was a little bit of a weepy, hot mess. Alright, a little more than a little bit. But He was there for me and I couldn’t appreciate Him more for it.

Getting into a routine seems to be coming along pretty well. I get up first and get the older two girls ready for school. They go an hour earlier than the little ones so they’re at school by 7:30 to have breakfast and then start their school day. Then I come home and feed the four-year-olds if Papa has not already fed them and get them dressed after. Off to pre-school they go for three hours. Once I’m back at home, I finish cleaning up the kitchen, make our bed and get in the shower. It’s important to me to get dressed and feel good each day. Even though I’m staying home with the kids does not give me the excuse to look like a mess every day. I refuse. Besides, I have a lot of nice clothes from working and if I don’t wear them, they will sit in our closet and rot. What’s the point of that? Might as well wear them. Depending on the day and what needs to be done, after I’m dressed, I finish up chores and by then it’s usually time to get the littles. When we get home, they’re hungry for lunch. There are no snacks or lunch in pre-school since it’s only a 3-hour program each day. After they eat, they either play or watch a show or two and then it’s time to get the older girls from school. Get them home, another show and a snack, go through their folders and get any homework that needs to be done, done and it’s time to start dinner. It’s a full day because of all the back and forth.

As far as work goes, I’m still working on that. There’s progress, albeit slow but there’s progress. I’m not entirely sure how much work from home I’ll be able to get done on the weeks we have the kids because of how much there is to do during the day with drop-offs and pick-ups but I will for sure work on it.

Red & Stripe got approved for their condo and are moving in this weekend. It’s still amazes both Papa and me that in three weeks, they have only seen the kids three times. For parents who have cried about how much they miss the kids, they haven’t made much effort about coming to see them very much. Red had their car transported from Nevada to here and I’m guessing it’s here since he asked about the registration process in this state. Supposedly the title for the kids’ car is in that car and he is going to overnight it to my parents who had it towed and sold to their mechanic in Nevada. Once that’s done then either they’ll be on their way or will be able to buy a new vehicle for Stripe to drive and transport the children back and forth to school. We’ll see how all the rest of this works out and how quickly.

Papa doesn’t feel entirely settled in because of the kid situation is still so up in the air. Once they start going back and forth again, I have a feeling I’m going to miss them a lot. I’ve had them for over a month straight and have really enjoyed spending so much time with the kids. There are moments when they drive me absolutely insane and I hate refereeing so much but they’re a great bunch of kids and I value every moment with them, even the hardest ones.

As far as me settling in to my new home…I’m loving it here!  Absolutely loving it. I’ve never felt so at home. The weather is beautiful, the local wildlife fascinates me to no end and of course, Papa is the most amazing Husband I could ever imagine having. At first we were thinking we might just be here until the kids finish high school but now we are definitely thinking this is our HOME.



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