Settling In Even More

In the last few weeks, we have also begun to explore our playing opportunities in our new city. Papa asked me about trying couples again and although hesitant, I said we could talk and see how it goes from there. We found a couple where both are bisexual and started up a conversation.

He listed bisexual and she listed bi-curious and when we inquired after they said they are experienced in playing, she explained that she has yet to have been with a woman alone and was desiring to have that experience but she as been with women before in group situations only. I am not getting the typical pillow princess vibe from her like I do most women so that’s a good sign.

In the midst of talking to them, I went through my breakdown that Papa has since helped me get passed. During that I was having a difficult enough time getting through the day let alone engaging in any sexy talk with potential playmates. Papa continued some chatting although light as it was. Neither of them really started any real conversations other than saying hello or sending a sexy picture or two throughout the day. I just couldn’t bring myself to get involved. All I could think about was Papa and how must I missed Him. I was doubting whether I was ready to play even though I had agreed to entertain the idea already. Once I started to come out of my funk, Papa mentioned that I should start to jump in again. I pushed back a little, knowing He expected and wanted me to be involved, but still unsure. I pushed through it anyway and did as He asked. He said I was barely putting in 20% effort and He would like to see more like 45% effort. I explained that I’m being so guarded because I’ve gotten excited before and have been so disappointed. Papa understood but still insisted that I open up a bit and attempt to get to know them more.

I started up some conversations, asked a few questions we hadn’t asked before about boundaries and rules they had. I noticed that they answered my inquiries but didn’t reciprocate. In the back of my mind I thought either they don’t care about what we have to say or they’re automatically expecting us to disclose the same about ourselves without them having to ask. In my experience with playing, I was slightly taken aback. That is one I have not encountered before, usually people are curious enough to ask the same questions.

The conversations are light and flirty, we exchange sexy pictures of ourselves or porn pics from Tumbler or other adult sights. Scenarios that are hot or interesting. It’s entertaining and fun to keep the sexy flirting going. Now that Red and Stripe have their condo and are moving in, we are thinking that they will probably take the kids on the weekends or some weekends, at least for now until they get a vehicle where they are able to transport the kids back and forth to school, which means that we will have some kid-free weekends for dates or play dates. Until we know that’s coming, we are kind of stringing them along a bit though they both seem understanding of our situation.

I have to say that the conversations are not overly stimulating or entertaining but in the past we have had some great conversations with couples and…well, we know the reality of how those turned out so I’m trying to stay as optimistic as possible. At least open-minded. For right now all we can do is keep trudging along, keep in contact with them and hopefully we can meet soon and see how it actually works out.


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