I love that it’s been two years since Papa and I met and starting seeing each other and we are still exploring. We have started playing with the strap-on more this week and we are both really enjoying it. Instead of me fucking Him with it, I put the strap-on on and lay on the bed while He straddles me. It’s amazingly erotic and gets me very turned on. The best surprise is the first night we tried it, Papa came on me. Neither of us were expecting that, it hasn’t happened before from using the strap-on. Something to do with the angle perhaps but whatever it is, it’s sexy and amazing. I love seeing Him enjoy Himself so much and of course, it’s a huge turn-on for me to see His cock squirt on my tummy. Give Him a few minutes rest and Papa is ready to go again.

It’s a nice feeling that even if I don’t have a real cock, Papa can still enjoy this kind of play with me. Even if He might miss sucking cock a bit, I am able to take care of this need at least. 


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