To Play Or…

Once we dropped the playing issue, it left me time to think about how I felt. I needed to figure out what was bothering me. Papa and I continued to have discussions about it. In actuality, He dropped it and I continued exploring  to see if there was anyone who interested me. Maybe He was right. I needed to take control of this in order not to feel pressured. Papa felt that if He approached the playing issue, He was dragging me along kicking and fighting. Whereas if I approached it, I was into it and excited about it. So I explored my emotions while exploring potential playmates. 

I came across a couple who plays but are not married to each other and struck up a conversation with her. This was the first time I’ve talked to anyone without it being a group conversation and it felt strange. At the same time, it gave me the breathing room to feel her out a little, to see if her and I connect on any level. She’s sweet and funny and eager to join a couple. Most important of all, eager to be with a woman. Every night, Papa would read over our texts and occasionally ask me to ask her this or that. After a couple of days, I asked her if she would like to chat with Papa and she was enthusiastic about getting to know Him too. I was glad to see that. There aren’t any signs that she’s only into this for either one of us alone but for both of us and the whole group experience.  She’s only had one other before us and it’s been awhile. I am more than willing to give her another 😊

We went back to chatting with the original couple from when we first moved here, at my insistence. I started it up again and even ventured into trying to set up a meeting when she suddenly left. I texted her on the side and asked her if everything is ok. She told me they aren’t working,  that she is looking to settle down with him and he wants to play with too many others. Because I actually do like her and have enjoyed our conversations,  I told her I was available to talk if she ever needed it and she said she would like to keep in touch as well. Couples! Such drama! 


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