Let’s start with the couple….ohh, the couple. In the midst of talking to them and shortly after we set up the date, she bailed. When I asked him what was up with that, his short answer was “shit happened”. I texted her on the side (with Papa’s permission) to ask if she were ok and she spilled that they were having issues, being that he wanted to play the field too much and she was ready to settle down. We chatted a bit, I said if she needed someone to talk to blah blah blah. We kept in contact and I texted her that if she still wanted to keep our Friday night commitment, we were down for it but of course, no pressure. Surprisingly she agreed. Again, we continued to keep in contact, this time the three of us back in one chat. We kept it light and flirty, of course, mentioning again and again how we were looking forward to Friday night. In the meantime, the guy half of the couple tried a couple of times to see if we wanted to keep our date with him. Since we were both way more comfortable with her, it was an easy choice. A few more days pass and we get this text from her…that she and her boyfriend are back together and taking it slow, day by day. They want to know if we can still keep our weekend date as it was first meant to be, instead of just her. Papa and I exchange thoughts on it, we are both hesitant because there’s already been drama and we certainly don’t need any displays of drama in person. Papa expresses our concern and they’re both adamant that playing brings them closer together, it’s never been a problem for them. Ok, so they say. We’ll think about it, we said. This time it’s up to Papa. I like her, she’s sweet and enthusiastic. He leaves a little to be desired and that’s what got Him hung up. The boyfriend is not very personable, not overly talkative…kind of blah. Come Friday morning, Papa asks one more time and again, it’s up to Him. After a little more internal debating, we agree. At some point, the boyfriend says they’re bringing her strap-on and she can’t wait to fuck all of us with it. Oh boy….  As adventurous as Papa and I can be, we still take a little time to warm up to some of those not-so-vanilla scenarios with new people. I think both our stomachs flipped over at that tone. Come dinner time, Papa was not feeling it at all and asked me to cancel with them. I did and we went home. That was the end of that. 

Another couple proving that they are drama. 


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