Copious Amounts of Sex

For a little while, we had settled into 4-5 times a week. I was content, just when I would start to get super horny, Papa would too and it would be on like donkey kong. LOL 🙂  The last 3 weeks, we have been back up to nearly every day. I know one week was due to my hormones. I was insanely horny and couldn’t get enough of Him and His delicious cock. Papa gladly let me pounce on Him and get Him in the mood if He wasn’t already. Then I calmed down a bit and His libido kicked up a couple of notches. Who am I to say no? And let’s not forget, I’m not allowed to anyway. God, I love that rule. 

We’ve also been practicing a new little something that is keeping our sexual flame burning hot. Papa and I both like to tease and be teased so I have been teasing Him with my mouth. I go down on Papa, like always, and suck to nearly the point of orgasm then I stop, letting Him cool down for a few seconds. Again and again and again, I do this. I know Papa’s body, the noises and signs of when He’s close so I pull back and let the orgasm subside before I take His nice, hard cock into my mouth again. Each time the head is harder and slightly more swollen than the last time. I’ve even taken Him to the brink, feeling Papa’s body tense and His hands gripping my arms, then I’ll just stop moving, leaving His cock in my mouth but completely still. He shudders and moans, I wait patiently until I’m sure His orgasm has gone at least partly down. Then I vigorously bob up and down on His cock again. When I finally make Papa cum, He EXPLODES. It’s an intense orgasm and it makes me all hot and horny. I’m getting horny again just writing it….

I am so over-sexed right now but I can’t stop. I feel like we’re at the beginning again…wanting and needing each other to the point of insanity. I want Papa all the time. I want His kisses, His touch….I want to be in His arms….I love that He touches and plays with my breasts all the time. For a few days, my nipples were so sensitive from hormones that it was almost painful to have them touched. Papa left them alone but now that they’re back to normal, He’s reattached Himself. I need to let this poor pussy of mine re-sensitize. How can I resist? How?  Must resist. Must…..Resist….


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