It’s Been Awhile 

We met our new unicorn last week. Just a casual meeting to scope each other out. We shall name her Missy. We had been all talking together for about a week and it felt time to meet in person. Missy came to our place and we were instantly comfortable with her. She’s funny and easy to talk to, likes to talk a lot. We talked about kids (she has two grown girls and has been divorced) and families, shared our interesting past. Papa made the invite to go upstairs but she said let’s save it for next time. We chatted for a couple of hours, about sex and BDSM too. She knows I’m His sub, I don’t hide it, and she was curious about it, asking about sessions and such. It was a nice evening then she went home. Pretty soon after, we made a date for playtime. 

Four days later, Missy came over again. We didn’t last long before we were upstairs and getting into it. She’s just as enthusiastic about sex as she is in chatting and about life. Missy may have been slightly nervous as she kept chatting on and off before we got down to business but really, it didn’t take long. She has a nice big bubble butt that looks yummy with a thong. Her boobs aren’t huge but definitely a presence with nice nipples that immediately spring to attention. Missy cums fast, she warned Papa she was about to just moments after He started fingering her. She had mentioned she is multi-orgasmic so He said it’s fine. Missy makes just the right amount of noise, she moves around, talks dirty, enjoyed going down on me and I certainly enjoyed her pussy too. I think June was the last time since we had a playmate in our bed. I was leaving little spots on our bed from being so wet. Towards the end, she asked Papa to fuck me, she wanted to see us together while she played with and sucked on my nipples. 

There weren’t fireworks but it was a nice threesome that flowed and felt comfortable. All of us enjoyed ourselves and each other. I like Missy and I think she’s fun. She has already expressed the desire to be with us again and some of things she would like to see happen. I’m pretty sure we can accommodate her. 🙂 


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