Yes He Did…And No She Didn’t

I did it….I sent Kat the proposal. Then heard nothing. The next day I casually began a dialogue with her and asked if perhaps she had actually gotten the message. She said she was still trying to piece it together. The rest of the week, we chatted here and there, nothing serious or specific. I began to notice her texts were more the “give me attention” type, never asking how we were or what we were up to. All the time leading up to the weekend we spent together had been in person. At least her and I hadn’t texted until now. Still no mention of our proposal. Papa said He didn’t know if He could just let it drop. I said that if we were to stick true to our word and not let it affect our friendship, we should. Kat is the type to avoid confrontation or direct no’s. It is still disappointing that having been friends we wouldn’t get a little bit more consideration than her usual tendencies in this sort of situation but it is what it is. Eight days later and I’m good with it actually. It’s for the best. Poly isn’t to be taken lightly and not as if we did but I think we ran ahead with too much emotion and not enough thought. I’m even to the point now where I’m unsure about playing anymore. The thrill just isn’t there. The playing field here is not what it was in Vegas….and I thought Vegas sucked. I’m tired of trying to initiate conversations, feeling like I’m pulling teeth or asking questions only to get answered but no reciprocation. Then the actual event isn’t as good as night alone with Papa. I thought it would be a fun way to meet new people but it’s turning out to be way more work than it’s worth. 


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